Aval Kesari | Rice flakes/Poha Sheera | Indian Sweets

This aval kesari is so easy to make like the most easy kesar,rava  kesari which hardly need around thirty minutes.When ever you have sudden carving doe any sweet ,like me ;;) then make this and relish it.Here i have used red thick variety rice flakes/aval but you can use any variety.If using thin variety then reduce the water amount.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 15-20 mins
serves: 3-4
Recipe Category: Sweet
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Author: Babitha


  • Red rice flakes/aval/poha- 1 cup( i used thick variety)
  • sugar-3\4 to 1 cup
  • water-3 cups
  • Cardamon powder( crushed)- from 2
  • Yellow food colour-1\2 tsp
  • essence-1\2 tsp ( optional)
  • ghee- 2 tsp + 1 tbsp
  • cashew & raisins-few


1.Dry roast aval /poha in a pan for few seconds.Cool and slightly powder it. Heat a tadka pan with ghee,fry cashew and raisins in it and keep ready.

2.Boil water in a pan and the powder to it and cook well. In few minutes aval powder will absorb all water and will be cooked.

3.Now add sugar,food colour,crushed cardamon and essence (if using) and mix well.first the sugar will realease water and then it will be get absorbed.Add ghee in between mixing.

4.Lastly add the ghee fried dry fruits in it,mix and switch off.

Serve hot/warm or cold.

Try this easy sweet for any festival and enjoy the day.


1.Here i have used thick vaiety type but you can use thin variety also.In that case reduce the water for 3 cups to 2 cups.


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