Chocolate Ganache | How to make simple chocolate ganache

Chocolate ganache is so versatile that you can use them  for frosting,layering or to make truffles.The key note lies in the proposition of the ingredients used in it.The two main things needed to make a ganache are cream and chocolate.
For layering and thick glaze  use equal part of cream and chocolate
For truffles use two part of chocolate and one part of cream.
For pourable glaze & soft icing use one part of  chocolate and two part of cream.


  • Cream-200 ml ( i used amul tetra pack)
  • chocolate shavings-180 gms 

1.Either using a peeler or with sharp knife shave the chocolate slab finely.Transfer it to a bowl.

2.Empty the cream in to a sauce pan.Heat it till light bubbles pop out.,then switch off.

3.Pour this hot cream over the  shredded chocolate and mix will.The heat will melt it ans soon it will be glossy.

4.That's it your chocolate ganache is ready for frosting or layering.

Use it in your cakes  :x

It will thicken as it cool.

Stay good for 2-3 days in room temperature and can be used for months when refrigerated.


1.While heating the cream take care not to over boil as it may curdle it.

2.Left over ganache can be freezed.To reuse it, bring back to room temperature and then either microwave for few seconds or double boil it.Don't heat it directly in flame.


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