Dry Fruits Ladoo | Dates & Nuts Balls | Festive Sweet Recipe

dry fruits ladoo

Dry fruits ladoo with step by step pictures.

Dry fruits and nuts laddoo/ balls are so easy to make which makes the best way for kids to eat them.Its healthy since no other sweetening agents were added to it as the sweetness for dates & raisins are quiet enough for the taste.With festive season around make this and have fun.You can even make it any shape cylinders and then cut it or even in a shape of  modak.
Cooking time: 5 mins
preparation time: under 5 mins
Recipe Type: Sweet
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Author: Babitha
Makes: 10-12 balls


  • Mixed nuts-1 cup (i used pistachio,badam & cashew )
  • Dates-10
  • raisins-1 tbsp


1.Dry roast the nuts in a non stick pan for few minutes without changing its colour.Then in the same pan add pitted dates & raisins,saute for a while.Cool everything.

2.In a dry mixer first add all the nuts and coarsely ground it,then add dates & raisins and pulse for few seconds till it binds with all.

3.Makes balls of it.That's it your tasty and healthy dry fruits ladoo is ready.


1.You can even roll the balls over desiccated coconut.
2,You can use nuts & dry fruits of your choice.


  1. This is just so easy to make and healthy too... thanks for sharing...

  2. yummy and delicious ladoo... healthy ladoo too...

  3. Very healthy laddoos.. I like the serving platter also..

  4. I love making this dry fruits ladoo, but my kids don't like nuts so I have to leave it out! Healthy snack!


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