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prawn noodles

My kids are addictive to noodles what ever type it may be either instant or plain,When there was a ban for instant noodles they longed for it but i made this plain noodles with veggies often to fulfil their carve.For one night dinner i questioned them how about prawn noodles and the answer was a big Yes.I tried it for the first time and relished it to the full with my kids.

Preparation time: 1\2 to 1 hour ( includes cleaning of prawns)
Cooking time: 15-20 mins


  •  noodles-2 packets ( plain noodles,100 gms pack each)
  • prawns-1\2 kg ( after cleaning it was around 1\4 kg)
  • garlic-7-8 pods,chopped
  • ginger-2 tsp,
  • green chilly- 1 big,chopped finely.
  • red chilly powder- 1\2 tsp
  • pepper powder-1 tsp
  • garam masala-1\2 tsp
  • turmeric powder-1\2 tsp
  • salt to taste
  • oil-1 tbsp + 2 tsp


1.Boil plenty of water, to it add the plain noodles packs and cook till done.When fully cooked add 2 tsp of oil ,salt and switch off.Discard the water and cool under tap water to prevent further cooking.Keep this cooked noodles aside.Clean the prawns well.

2.Heat oil in a pan add in chopped ginger,garlic and green chilly.Saute till nice aroma comes.Add in the cleaned prawns to it and saute followed by add dry spice powder and fry the prawns well.( don't add water).

3.When prawn is cooked dunk in the cooked noodles to it and toss it well till all masalas evenly coats.Then switch off.

Serve hot.

 Tastes good when it is hot/warm.


1.Add spice according to your spice levels.

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  1. i dot eat prawns in generally but in love with these noodles


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