Easy North Indian Gravies with Eastern Masala | Product Review

Eastern masala has come with some new products where one can easily make North Indian gravies at home which is just like a child's play.Yes,I mean it in just 1,2,3 steps one can make yummyliciuos,mouth watering gravies in jiffy.I have already explained in detail about their panneer recipe Shahi Paneer.Other ready to cook products are butter chicken,Methi muttar malai,Kadai vegetable.

Plantain stem with moongdal | Vazhaithandu- pasi parrupu kootu

Plantain stem/ vazhaithandu is very good for health. It removes stones from kidney. For weight water if you  drink the juice made by blending & filtering it empty stomach you can see amazing result soon.Eat this stem at least once in a week.

Soya Beans Dry curry | Healthy Recipe

Soya beans is one of the good source of protein and some vitamins,minerals and insoluble fibre.They may be in green,yellow,black or brown.Last month when I went for  grocery shopping not knowing I purchased two packets of it misunderstanding one as yellow peas, so I was left with more soya beans.When I look up for recipes to finish it up found this in Rak's kitchen.So simple,easy to make and only soaking time is bit longer.

Aloo Matar Sabji | Potato green peas dry curry | Siide dish for Indian Flat Bread

Potatoes  is one of the fondest vegetable by all age groups and this dry curry with green peas along with it make an excellent combo.Influenced by a commercial  in television my daughter was demanding me to do it since months.At last I fulfilled here wish last week by making this for dinner which was a super hit.Do try this and I'm you will be showered with appreciation from others in your family.

Ragi Puttu | Finger Millet Steamed cake | Millet Recipe

Ragi Puttu | Finger Millet Steamed cake | Millet Recipe
Ragi / finger millet is one millet which can be easily consumed by all ages groups and all sectors of people,even this millet is good for diabetic disorder people.Mostly for kids many usually starts the solid food by first introducing the porridge made with it, which is tasty,filling and healthy.Ragi is one of the great source of calcium and it also gives coolness of the body.I am a sort of person who love  to have puttu for breakfast by kids won't like it.Last purposely I made this for my breakfast while dosa for others.

Oats Raisins Cookies | Healthy Cookies | Eggless & Butterless

Its had been quite a long time since I baked some cookies.This time I made up my mind to bake only oats  and decided to work with it last week.In this I have not used any butter or shortenings instead I used oil for fat.Oats & raisins in it make  cookie  soft and chewy.

Instant Tomato dosa | Thakali Dosai | Breakfast Recipe

Tomato dosa/dosai

Tomato dosa with step by step pictures.

Thakalai dosai alias tomato dosa is almost an instant version of dosai/crepes which does not require any fermentation like a regular one.Just the soaking time is needed for this which then after soaked just grind it and makes it.This goes well with all chutney and sambar.Even the kids get attracted by its red color of it. Since this recipe doesn't need any fermentation time except the soaking& grinding time one can make this dosa quickly. If you are planning to make for dinner just soak it now and grind after 2 hours and your batter will be ready.

Jeera Pulao | Jeera Rice | Easy Rice Variety

Jeera rice /pulao is an easy to make rice variety  which mainly has the flavours of jeera.Since it doesn't have any spiciness in it,a hot and spicy side dish is needed to accompany it.Here I have used both shahi and ordinary jeera for more aroma but you can use any of your choice.This can also be packed for lunch box.

M&M or Gems Gravity Cake Tutorial | Step by Step Pictures| How to make a simple gravity cake

 First let me clear you all that I 'm not an expert just an amateur in baking and this tutorial may be silly for some but for me its precious.It makes me feel owe as I did something new and  I want do want to keep chronicles of my work here and hence the post.Its like a post from a beginner to all beginners.Every year for me kids birthday I want to try a new cake method after I step into this blogging world, which I have successfully past two years.In 2013, I made a funfetti cake and 2014 I tried fondant cake for my son.When September starts my plan to bake also starts and this year I tried this gravity cake seeing many youtube videos.Though it's not perfect :D my son really liked it to the core which is the best compliment than any other.

Apple -Pear Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie | Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Having fresh fruits in breakfast is always best and many don't take it  as  everyone will be in hurry during those peak morning time and some even skip their breakfast.For the people who skip breakfast its better to take some fresh fruit smoothies which  not only make their tummy full but gives a satisfaction of taken healthy food.