Apple -Pear Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie | Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Having fresh fruits in breakfast is always best and many don't take it  as  everyone will be in hurry during those peak morning time and some even skip their breakfast.For the people who skip breakfast its better to take some fresh fruit smoothies which  not only make their tummy full but gives a satisfaction of taken healthy food.


  • Apple-1
  • pear-1
  • Greek yogurt-1\2 cup
  • milk-1\2 cup
  • oats-2 tsp
  • sugar- 2 tsp( adjust)
  • cinnamon powder-1\8 tsp
  • vanilla essence-1\2 tsp


1.In a mixer/blender add everything and blend it finely.

2.Adjust the sugar and liquids level to get the consistency you prefer.

3.Pour in to glasses and serve immediately.


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