Simple Chicken Frankie Roll | Lunch Box Ideas

This is a super easy recipe idle to pack for kids lunch box.THe only time consuming thing in it is roasting of chicken while other are bit easy.For roti/chappathi you can go for fresh one or any left over.

Puffed Rice Upma | Pori - Vegetable Upma | Snack Recipe

If you any looking some easy snack or breakfast to fill your hungry stomach then this recipe comes as a great rescue.Here I have added grated carrot and green peas but you can add vegetables of your choice.I made this long back when I had some packet of left over puffed rice distributed from our apartment.I made it as after school evening snack but you can also have it as breakfast.

Ragi Sev Upma | Healthy Millet Upma | Finger Millet Sev Recipe

ragi sev upma

After sharing many high calorie recipes here I am with an easy,healthy and diabetic friendly recipe which can be prepared in jiffy.People who  are looking for low calorie and high fibre content food  this ragi sev comes as the best one.These sevs are easily available in markets in different brand name.Lastly month I opened a pair of these to try some delicacies with it.I made this for me as a breakfast which was super tasty ,filling and healthy.

Tirunelveli Halwa | Godhumai Halwa | Halwa Recipe

Tirunelveli Halwa | Godhumai Halwa |  Halwa Recipe

Wheat halwa with step by step pictures.

Happy Diwali <:-P to all my readers, have a fun filled and safe diwali.At last I tried my hands on traditional method of making halwa of Tirunelveli which is near to our home town. When ever we travel down south Tamilnadu we make sure to buy some halwa at Tirunelveli.I referred Raks kitchen to do it with some slight changes.I needed the sugar & ghee amount.The tricky parts are the caramelisation ,then the addition of water and continuous stirring.If we miss it the halwa may turn bitter.

Wheat Flour Murukku /chakli | Festive Snack Recipe

wheat flour murukku

Diwali is round the corner and I could see loads of sweets and savouries in blogosphere and I'm enjoying the virtual treat of it.Though we don't celebrate it on seeing all delicacies for it I'm more tempted to do try some and as a blogger I tried few also.Yesterday for after school snack I tried this murukku/chakli and it was so tasty to munch with tea.Do try this easy snack for festival or day to day and relish it.

Milk Powder Burfi /Fudge | Diwali 2015 Recipe | Festive Sweet recipe

Milk Powder Burfi /Fudge | Diwali 2015 Recipe | Festive Sweet recipe

Milk powder burfi with step by step pictures.

No festival is complete without a sweet. It's not tedious to make it at home and one just need the interest to make.since when I ask some about this they often reply why to suffer just buy it from a shop.Shops do sell variety of sweets but one main ingredients ' love ' will be missing in it.Do try to make atleast one or two sweet and enjoy with festive season with family. This fudge/burfi just need few ingredients to make.

Besan-Cashew Khoya laddo | Festive Sweet Recipe

In my previous post ,homemade instant khoya I promised to share the recipe I made with it and it is nothing than this ladoo.This ia an addictive,tasty and delicious laddoo with besan,mawa & cashew.Sugar is used as a sweetener in it but you can also use try this easy sweet for Diwali and share with friends.

Homemade Instant Mawa / Khoya | Instant khoya using Milk powder

Mawa/ khoya is nothing but milk solids made by continuous stirring of milk till it solidifies.This khoya  available in market will either sweetened or unsweetened.The process of making it is a lengthy one and need more effort .When I want to make some delicacies for this year many sweets called for this khoya and I was bit afraid to make it at home.While browsing for some easy method to make this I landed up into Viji's space to make this instant version.This one was little rubbery  and it failed while i tried to make burfi.The best recipe to make with this instant mawa will be any laddoo or gulab jamun.