Homemade Instant Mawa / Khoya | Instant khoya using Milk powder

Mawa/ khoya is nothing but milk solids made by continuous stirring of milk till it solidifies.This khoya  available in market will either sweetened or unsweetened.The process of making it is a lengthy one and need more effort .When I want to make some delicacies for this year many sweets called for this khoya and I was bit afraid to make it at home.While browsing for some easy method to make this I landed up into Viji's space to make this instant version.This one was little rubbery  and it failed while i tried to make burfi.The best recipe to make with this instant mawa will be any laddoo or gulab jamun.

Preparation time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Makes- a cup
Author: Babitha
Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Recipe Type: Sweet


  • Milk powder- 1 cup
  • water-1\4 cup   +/- 1 tsp
  • ghee- 1 tsp


1.Take milk powder in a bowl.slowly add water and make a stiff dough similar to that of roti dough.Add a tsp of ghee lastly and knead it.2.

2.Keep it in a muslin cloth ,tie and steam for 10 mins.

3.Cool down ,crumble and use it your sweets.

Wait for the recipe I made with it.8-}


1.I felt it is somewhat rubbery in texture,hence it is better to make ladoos or jamuns with it.

2,You can use milk or cream instead of water.


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