Easy Rava Appam | Snack Recipe

If you have any banana which doesn't get attention by any family members then try making it use with in any recipe with it.The same happened in my house when i had a banana left ,so i decided to make appam with it for snack.Its very easy and here i have used rava/sooji as the dough ingredient.
  • Rava-1\2 cup
  • rice flour- 1 tbsp (optional)
  • banana-1
  • sugar-1\4 to 1\3 cup (adjust)
  • baking soda-1\8 tsp
  • salt-a pinch
  • cardamon powder-1\4 tsp
  • oil- to fry


1.Mash the banana.To it add all ingredients except oil and first well.

2.Then slowly add water make a thick batter.

3.Heat oil ,scoop the dough in it and fry it well.

4.When done drain excess oil and serve it.


1.Instead of deep frying you can also use appe pan.
2.Other flours can also be used in place of sooji.

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