Impact Of Chennai Flood #ChennaiFloods

Last week Nov 30 to Dec 4 was one of the horrific week that we Chennaities faced.If we had any delete button we would easily delete it off  but no way.Life had to move on and Chennai is back in track now.After that incident many rumours circulate  in WhatsApp  & other media that our city " Chennai " is going to be drowned making people got panic over the city and evacuate for it.These people have no work and their only job is to spread rumours.

But we Chennaities are afraid of these fake rumours and we will bounce back with more spirit and energy.We have already recovered from it :).

I came upon with many wordings in social media after this incident which we will forget later due to our busy lifestyle.So to recall all  and save for future reading I just made this post.


Some Tamil memes ,

A couple named their child with the name of the guy who saved them from flood.

For all those who thought Chennai is going to sink , a small message

We will bounce back with colourful flowers.

Picture source: Social media.

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