Potato Sandwich | Bombay Sandwich | Easy Breakfast recipe

Sandwich is one easy breakfast which comes in handy during busy morning time.Sandwiches can be made with many vegetables and innovation in it are countless.Some sandwich recipes in my space include Nutella sandwich , sweet corn sandwich , sooji open  toast , Avocado sandwich , etc.

Amla Dip | Neelikkai Thogayal | Gooseberry-coconut chutney

I'm not a big fan of this amla but would never betray if offered one.I hardly buy this and make any recipe.But last month I bought a small quantity of it to try thayir pachadi  with it  and totally forgot  as last month situation at home was not good one after another got sick and I was deeply depressed by it.At one stage I thought to quit blogging and then realised its the only place to interact with friends and get motived by the comments.It was at this time priya posted a thogayal with amla and I thought it would be the best way to use my untouched amla sitting calmly in the refrigerator.

Horsegram Sprouts | Kollu Sprouts | How to make sprouts

Sprouts are germinated seeds of a grain or legume and are consider as super food.Rich in nutrients and minerals they are easy to digest.These can be either eaten as such in salads or made into masala to go side dish for any flat breads or rice.Making sprouts at home is easy ,cheap and hygiene.Though these sprouts are now easily available in all departmental store or with vegetable vendors nothing can beat the freshness of the homemade one.

Flaxseed Chutney Powder | Flaxseeds Idli Milagai podi | Flaxseed gun powder

idli millagai podi

We all know the health benefits of flaxseeds and I need not repeat it .It is one of the highest content of omege3 fatty acids after the fish.For vegetarian people, this seed comes as a boom.But too much of this nut give somewhat an unpleasant taste which will lead us to stop using this seed.So when using in any recipe be careful to use it in limit and remember that this seed shouldn't dominate other ingredients.

Lemon Aval | Lemon Poha | Easy Breakfast Recipe

lemon poha

Lemon poha | lemon aval is an simple and easy breakfast which can be prepared in jiffy.I"m  sure the ingredients needed to prepare this recipe will be in your pantry.Just soaking the aval/poha for 5 mins and in another  2-3 minutes your dish is ready.My kids don't prefer poha so for them I made dosa and  for me  I made this lemon poha.You can have it as such but I added sugar to it.

Rice Thattai | Crispy Thattai | Festive Snack Recipe | Step by Step

Rice Thattai | Crispy Thattai | Festive Snack Recipe | Step by Step

Here I'm with another festive snack you can easily try.Last week my son felt stomach discomfort and I picked him back from school when I received the call.It happened twice and the main reason for it is over intake of junk food.He was advised to avoid packed foods which are very difficult for him.When he is little okay he was tempted to eat and so had little and the problem started again. He is very fond of chicken and counting days to eat it. Following him, we too decided to go with the same menu that we cook for him which will be veggies platter. I have planned to start the non-veggies meal next weekend as my daughter's birthday falls the month-end.

Pista Halwa | Rich Pischio Halwa | Festive Sweet Recipe

Nuts are rich in good cholesterol which is essential for the good function of our human body.But many avoid eating nuts feeling that will gain weight .This is not true actually good cholesterol does not help in weight gain only the bad cholesterol from refined oil  make us obese.When I was watching a TV channel I heard Jamie Oliver saying,  a handful of nuts like walnuts,pistachio and badam a day help to increase your lifespan by two years. So lets eat in limit and stay healthy.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread | Eggless Choc- Banana Bread

choco banana bread

The best way to utilise an over riped banana is to bake a cake/bread or muffin.Banana is one fruit which will always be been in my kitchen pantry and I need to yell at  my kids to eat them.At times they might be some over ripe banana which can be consumed as such.I always use those in my bakes and you can check few of my banana bakes are eggless banana bread.,Nutella banana bread choc banana muffins,Ragi- banana muffins , banana choc brownies. etc.

Homemade Rice Flour | Rice Flour for Indian snacks | Arisi Mavoo DIY

Rice flour is the key ingredients for all snacks and some breakfast recipes.Though it is easily available in all departmental and small shops there is always joy in making our own stuff .I have seen my mom making this rice flour in a big batch and storing it for months to be used in puttu,idiyappam, kozhukattai and snacks.At the early stage of my family life, I never made them but  later  I realized its importance and started making them in big batch which comes in handy when no there was no ground dough in the  refrigerator.As festivals are fast approaching hope this post will help you.

Drumstick leaves - Lentils Crepes | Murunga Keerai / Moringa Adai | Breakfast Recipe

Breakfast is the most important meal of a day and it should never be skipped for any reason.It is said , have breakfast like a king , yes one must take breakfast to the full with all necessary nutrition in it and can avoid other meals.But we see many school/ college goers avoid the breakfast .This has to be changed atleast they must take a big glass of porridge made with cereals and some fruits.

Papaya Milkshake | Breakfast Drink

papaya milkshake

Papaya is a super healthy fruit which one should never omit.This fruit is good for diabetic people also.I have seen my FIL eating this fruit fresh from the backyard after morning beverage and he used to always say fruit before breakfast is always good for health.But nowadays making children eat a fruit is really a tough job and parent has to find an alternative way for it.

Flaxseeds Tomato Chutney | Side dish for Idli / Dosa

We all know flaxseeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and many essential nutrients.For vegetarian, these seeds play a key role for this omega3 which reduces the risk of chronic diseases.These seeds can be called as powerhouse as it is loaded with high nutrition facts like high in fibre, low carbo,lowers cholesterol, helps in weight loss,good for skin and hair , gluten free,etc. Anything must be used in moderate and same is the case here also use it in minimal and reap the benefits from it.

Drumstick Leaves -Dal Curry | Murungai Keerai Poricha Kuzhambu

I got a bunch of this super healthy green ," murungai keerai"  called as drumstick leaves in English to make a healthy breakfast ,adai, and I was left with more bunch of leaves.So while browsing I got attracted by this kuzhmabu and decided to go for it . I had a doubt how my kids will react to it and they didn't complain any and it was super delicious .I strongly suggest to try this.I did a slight variation by adding few garlic pods while grinding for easy digestion.

Choc -Cinnamon Rolls | Eggless Rolls with #LuvIt Chocolates

I received  two boxes of chocolates from Luvit early this year.My kids were over excited and finished up all wafers, bars, milk wafers, etc what they can eat and just left alone dark chocolates.These were lying in my pantry not getting any attention.So I decided a day to finish it off by baking this rolls which made a perfect combo for evening tea.

Gothambu Payasam | Whole Wheat Berry -Coconut Milk Pudding | Dessert Recipe

No meal is complete with a cup of dessert which can either be a kheer , pudding ,payasam ,ice cream or even a chocolate.My wish is to a have an Indian sweet/ mithai after a great meat  and at times I prefer payasam to subtle my sweet carving.I can gulp as many as cups I can at any time of the time.When I make payasam at home it is only me who indulge in it as my kids hate payasam/kheer.

Kootu Curry | Black Channa & Vegetables Cooked in Coconut Masala | Onam Sadya Recipe

Kootu curry is another one recipe which in Onam sadya .This is nothing but vegetables like yam and raw plantain is cooked along with pressure cooked black channa which is then spiced up with coconut paste.If you are planning to make this be sure to soak your channa the previous day .I am planning for a mini Onam sadya this year but due to my kid's exam I'm little worried will I be able to do and now I just keep calm and think about it.

Paruppu Curry | Cheru Paruppu Churry | Onam Sadya Recipe

Parippu curry is a gravy in which moong dal is cooked and slow boiled with coconut- masala which s followed by tadka.This is such a simple,flavorful, mildly spiced curry and takes a great place in onam sadya recipes. Since this curry is made with moong dal its taste is unbeatable. If you wish to indulge this is warming curry do make it as it won't take  more than half an hour to make it.

Mini Apple Pie | Eggless Apple pie

At last, I did it , yes it was my long term wish to make apple pie and I successfully  did it last week. Every time when I think of trying this I would search wide recipes ,see youtube but at end wold end up with nothing making.Sometimes we need some external force to push up to bring out the sleeping capabilities in us.When I saw about a contest in a page I decided to make this but at the end , I didn't submit my entry there , I'm happy and more fulfilled  because I baked my long term pending proposal   although I didn't submit for the competition.

Créme Brúlée | French Dessert Recipe | Step by Step Pictures

Creme Brulee is a french dessert made with cream,egg yolk, sugar, and flavours.The prepared mix is baked in a water bath to get the pudding consistency.Just before serving a layer of sugar is added and caramelised to get a delightful burnt,crispy taste .It just easy to make and searched many sites to gather information and saw many videos and adapted ideas for many of it.

Ribbon Pakoda | Ola Pakoda | Festive Recipe | Step by Step

Ribbon pakoda / ola pakoda is a deep-fried savory dish which is prepared for any festivals . With very minimal ingredients which will most often be seen in your kitchen pantry, we can make this snacks quickly . Wondering what to make for snack today or for the festivals fast approaching then give a try for this easy pakoda as its a no fail recipe.Even beginners can try this snack.

Sesame & Beaten rice Balls | Ellu & Aval Laddu with Coconut sugar | Diabetic friendly Recipe | Low GI index sweet

Coconut sugar doesn't sound weird ,yes I too felt the same when I got this product from plattershare's goorganic belly nirvana  associate program.The product says that it can be used as regular sugar in place of white sugar and it is suitable for diabetic people as it has low glycemic index.
 I have made this laddu/ balls with the sugar and doesn't find  any change in flavors and taste and I world probably say it's tastier than the regular one.I have made with white sesame seeds but you can also use the black one.

Lemon Cupcakes with Chia Seeds | Lemon Cupcakes | Eggless cupcakes

When I got organic products from plattershare's , Belly Nirvana associate program of GoIndiaOrganic . the first thought that stuck was to bake.Since I had not done any lemony cake I decided to do a cupcake with chia seeds.These chia seeds look similar to sesame seeds and have a crunch effect when bitten.Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and many essential nutrients it also helps in weight management.

Corn Canapes chaat | Easy Canape recipe

 Canapes are nothing but a wafer-like in the form of the small tub like.I ordered it online and it says they are baked and not fried.You can add any filling on it and eat as such which can either be veggies or fruits.Here I have just used some steamed sweet corn kernels.If you don't get these canapes you can replace it with any salty biscuits.

Vazhaipoo Vadai | Banana Flower - Lentils Fritters | Snack Recipe

Today's recipe is a healthy vada with vazhaipoo/ banana flower. Banana flower is one vegetable which I had bought very very rare maybe once or twice before.Although knowing the goodness in it I avoid buying as I was damn sure my kids won't touch it.But If I make any fried snack with it then I was sure it goes well with them.Last week bought a box of peeled flowers from the big basket ( ordering for the first time) keep in mind to make vada with it.but my laziness didn't give time and mood to cook. Somehow I managed to make this healthy fritters for the snack on Tuesday.The difficult part is removing the long stigma in the middle of each flower.Then chopping & grinding are too simple.Here I didn't chop I just added to the dal and ground it.

Anchovies Fish Curry | Nethili Meen Kuzhambu | Gravy For Rice | Raw Mango Fish curry

Fish is our staple food as we are born and brought up near sea shores.But now as kids do prefer fish daily I make them once or twice a week.When its fish for lunch it will be a feast for me and I just love to dig into it.For kids , I do some fish fry and I love curry fish the most as it will be so juicy and succulent.As I write this  my mouth is watering.Yes , it would be heavenly.

Mosambi Juice | Sweet Lime Juice

Mosambi/ sweet lime / sathukudi is a citrus fruit which I rarely buy because my kiddos hate eating fruits and I need to push them now and then to include at least a banana in their diet.Hence fruit shopping I were rare if so It must me, Me alone have to finish them up.

But If I make any juice or milkshake with fruits they would finish up without any fuss.I rarely make juice, as I'm much concerned about the sugar, goes into it. Once a while I make to ensure they get the benefits of the fruit.The difficult part is squeezing of the sweet lime but I you have an electric  squeezer then no pain.

Mealmaker / Soya chunk Patties | Mini soya granules patties | Vegan Burger Patties

My kids are fond of this soya granule aka soya chunks, Even if I just shallow fry for them there would be a fight between the two of it.At times I make vegan chicken 65/ soya 65 for their lunch box and many times curry with it for roti/ chapathi.
For a day dinner I planned to make the burger and for the patties, I thought to make it with this soya chunks.Since it easily gets soaked no prior planning for making these patties is needed.

Red Rice Puttu | Red Rice Steamed Cylindrical Cake | South Indian Breakfast

Puttu is one breakfast which brings a big smile but unfortunately, I make it rarely as my daughter hate puttu.But at days I make some different breakfast for her and me indulge in this Kerala delicacy.

Chikoo ice Cream | Sapotta Ice Cream | No Churn Chikoo ice cream

In my chikoo choco milkshake post , I have mentioned about an ice cream I made with this sapotta. Its nothing but his simple easy, no churn method of making it. you don't need to own an ice cream maker to make it. Just a whisk or even a mixer will do wonder.I followed my eggless mango ice cream recipes and just replaced mango with sapota / chikoo or chiku.

Penne Pasta in White Sauce | Easy Dinner Recipe

Pasta comes as a rescue ingredient  when there is nothing to cook for dinner.With this pasta in hand , we can easily make a simple dinner into exotic.Here I have used penne pasta but you can use your own variety.Also, I had some of the mozzarella cheese left out in the refrigerator , which I used it here.This is  purely optionally and can also go with simple cheese which to will work out. You can also add some boiled or steamed vegetables into it.

Double Chocolate Cup cakes | Easy Chocolate Cupcakes

It had been a long time since I used eggs in my bakes.Mostly I bake eggless and the bakes tab remain as proof for it.Not we don't prefer egg in our bakes as my daughter prefer eggless version prior to egg version my bakes were egg free the most time.These cupcakes I prepared when my kids where in summer holidays to fulfill their hungry tummy.Just an egg init the result was soft, delicious cake.

Chikoo- Choco Milk shake | Sapotta Nutella Milk shake

Chickoo ,known as sapota in Tamil is one of my favorite fruit . I can have it  as such as I can without any fuss.Since my kids refuse to have this fruit I hardly buy them .Also since I haven't tried any new recipes with it , I thought of trying something new when I purchased few last time.With few pieces just went straight into my mouth I tried an ice cream and this shake for the sake of my kids .atleast I will be happy that they had it in some way.

Mango Sorbet | Easy Mango Dessert | 3 Ingredients Mango sorbet

mango sorbet

This is my last mango recipe of the year and I hope to try much more next season.I made this a month before as the climate changed I delayed in posting and I decided today is the best day as the sun is bright and we quench for some chilled beverage.With just 3 ingredients we can make is very simple dessert.

Keerai vada | Amaranath Leaves-Urad Dal Fritters

Deep fried snacks and chai/tea in the evening are like matches made is heaven, yes it is an awesome combo and nothing else can be great like these two.I love trying different snacks for my hungry kids from school.Last Saturday while watching Vijay Tv's program of chef Venkatesh Butt ,samayal samayal I decided to make the dish for my kids in the week to follow.I prepared for it well in advance and fried them only after the come as I always wish to serve them hot and my kids to love it as what else joy can be for a mother like me than to see my children enjoying the food I make for them.I can handle any pain to see that joy in their faces.

Broccoli Pakora | Broccoli Fritters

Sudden change in weather from hot to mildly raining calls for some deep fried snack in the evening.Yes, the  temperature here in Chennai is too good with light showers now and then in days but some sure in nights.Something hot,deep fried  eatable is the best one for the evening snack.
Last week I bought some broccoli to make some lunch box rice recipes for my kids but I didn't so yesterday I decided to make this fritters for their after school snack.I was also left with some more florets for it which I prepared soup and added little in our dinner pasta, which I would share soon.

Mango Falooda Popsicle | Mango Recipe

mango falooda popsicle

After reading the title you may think I'm mad but pls don't come to the conclusion unless and until you give a try and taste it. After seeing huge falooda recipes with mango on social media a sudden thought got struck to try a popsicle with it.I too tried it as it will be very easy to serve for my kids.
I tried it and it was tasty but one thing I would advise you to add some sugar to the boiled vermicelli as it tasted pain for us. With no further delay let me share with you all how I made it.

Easy Choco chips Cupcakes | Simple Vanilla Muffins | Eggless Cupcakes

You may ask what's in cupcakes we know it well, yes I agree but here the major difference is just adding all ingredients and mixing up.Usually when baking any cake or cupcake first one need to cream butter and sugar then add in egg,shifted flour,essence and then bake.But in this method no need for all that step just add everything to a mixing bowl,mix and bake.

Mango Kulfi | Mango recipes

mango kulfi

Kulfi is described as traditional Indian dessert which is nothing but thickened milk with sugar,saffron and nuts.Mainly is prepared with full cream milk.khoya,cream and nuts.But today variety of variation is available as bloggers keep trying new innovative kulfis.

Ragi / Finger Millet Idli | Healthy Breakfast

Ragi which is known as finger millet is a healthy ,nutritious and  fibrous food.This millet can be easily consumed by all age group of people from infant aged 6 months to very old adults.High is fibre , being an excellent source of calcium,amino acids,phosphorus, Vitamin A,proteins  it also helps to control cholesterol problem.

Aamras | Sweetened Mango Puree | Side Dish for Poori

Aamras is nothing but a mango puree flavored with cardamon and saffron.It is a Gujarati sweet dish.while browsing for this recipe I read as it is not alone served with Puri/poori but also as a dessert. Aam means mango and ras mean water, yes aamars is nothing but liquefied mango puree.water or milk is added to diluted it but here I did not add any liquid.

Mixed Fruit Custard | Easy Dessert Recipe

I don't know why it took a long time for me to post this easy and simple dessert in my little space.Whenever I decide to make this custard something made me for not doing it and some what I decided to do this last month When i had a box of cut mixed fruits.

Homemade Fresh Mango Juice | Mango Juice

Homemade is always ,nothing can compromise it.One will long for homemade food if he/she eat outside food continuously for more than two days.My daughter who went for school tour for three days came home sick just carving for any homemade food.There is always somethings special in home cooked food even a simple rasam will taste divine.

Hara Bhara Kabab | Spinach & Peas Patties

Hara bhara kabab means its a green cutlet which is nothing but made of spinach,green peas and potato. It is healthy and tasty with loaded proteins.We serve it simply serve it with ketchup or keep as patties between bread and serve as burger.Even the kids who refuse to eat greens will surely have this kabab due to its taste.Do give a try once and I'm sure you will make it again and again.

Maharashtrian Kadhi | Simple Yogurt Curry | Gravy for Rice

Making an elaborate meal in this scorching sweat/heat is a big task and many prefer simple easy recipes which requires less time to cook and to be in kitchen. To be frank we  don't  feel hungry tbut one can't survive by just having fluid so its necessary to eat some solid food.To make the task simpler easy one pot meal or gravy like this kadhi comes in handy.

Our Unforgettable Holiday

Travelling is always fun either a short family trip or a long vacation is always exciting.It is an activity which almost all people love it.For some , it is an opportunity to explore new people, place, and their cultures.For some, it is an  activity to relax from their stressful,busy life and there some group of people who often travel a bit to relish in new pubs,restaurant,hotel just to drain their wallet.

Travelling for me is something that gives immense pleasure and joy which cannot be expressed in words.I always prefer to travel with my lovely family or with my great big family back in our hometown which will always be fun.

Avocado - Coconut Chutney | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

Its easy to make idli/ dosa for breakfast and when making side for it if it happens to be sambar children complain of it so it sometimes becomes little tough for me to decide the side dish for it.When I bought few avocado I was left with one left which I was planning to make ice-cream but it doesn't happen ,So decided to end by making this chutney.Googled to get some knowledge of it and ended making the version suiting me.

Mango Iced Tea | Mango Recipes | Summer Drink

Mango,king of  the  fruit is in season and I buy them each and every time I go for veggie shopping .Many time I end up eating the fruit as such and sometimes make different recipes of it.Having plans to try new recipes this season I pray my laziness and scorching temperature doesn't make my plan go void.

Raw Banana Curry | Kancha Kadali Tarakari | Recipe from Orissa

On seeing the title you may be bit confused it is nothing but a simple raw banana curry from Orissa.
"Kancha kadali " means raw banana , " Tarakari " means curry.Though it may sound weird but it is so simple and tasty.Being a blogger I decide to try a recipe from all state .I googled up and ended my search here to make this up  for lunch one day.

Misthi Doi - Famous Bengali Dessert | Step By Step Procedure

Misthi Doi is one fo the famous Bengali sweet and a popular dessert in west Bengal.One mustn't return from there without tasting this yummy dessert as it has an unique taste from all other sweet.Though this easily available readymade in market nowaday preparing it from starch is always wiser.Also it is quite easy to prepare.

Fresh Litchi Juice | Homemade Juice

Homemade juices are always best as we know the things we add it and moreover it is preservatives.
 free.Although canned or packed juices can be kept for some days even after opening it had loaded sugars and other ingredients which may be harmful to us.So it is better to make fresh juice with the seasonal fruits that are available during the period and enjoy the goodness of it.

Make fresh juices this summer with fruits in the market and reamin hydrated.

Foxtail Millet/ Thinnai Idli | Millets Recipe | Healthy Breakfast

Including millets in our day to day to food is a healthy option.I try to use them in what all ways I can and the most easy way is to make south Indian style breakfast like idli,dosa,pongal,puttu,etc.I have quite some collection of millets recipes in blog ,if willing check it out.You can also cook these millets as we cook rice and have along with some spicy gravy.