Fish Masala | Fried Fish in Fried Masala | Fish Recipe

fish masala

Fish Masala is nothing but where the fish is first slightly fried then a thick masala from fried spices is made in which the fried fish is added to absorb the flavors.For the first time We tried it in December and it was a super it and since then we had made it thrice.For this recipe I searched google and gathered ideas to make it.Actually the thought to make this would not have happened if my father had not asked,yes it my dad who asked for the masala and we (together with my husband) searched and prepared it.The ingredients may look bit lengthy but all things are sure in your pantry.When  you get some good fleshy fish do try to make this once and I assure you will make it again and again.

Oreo Cake | Oreo cake with Whipped cream Frosting | Easy Birthday Cake Ideas

Oreo is one cookies which is liked almost by all children.Whenever I buy some packets of biscuits oreo will be the first cookies to be over and there will always be a fight at my house for it.I have already shared oreo cupcakesOreo is one cookies which is liked almost by all children.Whenever I buy some packets of biscuits oreo will be the first cookies to be over and there will always be a fight at my house for it.I have already shared oreo cupcakes and this cake I made for my dad's birthday last week .Each and everyone enjoyed it to a core.For the frosting I just used cream powder  to make whipped cream and spread over it,but you can do the frosting either with buttercream or leave it plain.

Advertisements and its Impacts on us

Can you imagine a TV program or any channel or big screen  with an advertisement.No company can canvas people without an ad.Big or small each brand make a commercial according to their budgets.Some will be very good ,some bad,some ok and few crazy too.People truly believe what they say in it and buy the product to check whether it gives the same effect as shown in TV.If the brands gives good result it fine else who will pay for the effect it brings,it only we customers.

I am dark complexion girl when i was young ,as most girl i too want to become fair.During those days nearly three decades before when doordarshan channel  was started, i remember a popular brand fairness cream which is in market even now promoted their product showing a girl become fairer in just four weeks.I was sooo eager to try that product so that i can become so fair as they show in the ad.I bought a small tube and used a small portion of it two times a day and was counting days to become fair.After four weeks i was waiting for everyone to notice my fairness and wish me but nothing happened.Only a very slight change i noticed.I continuously used the same product for years to get a noticeable fairness.But nothing like that happened as they show in the advertisement.

Some Fantastico home care for skin | Natural care for skin

Radiant,soft,smooth ,blemish and mark free skin is everyone’s wish  but in common it's not possible.The environment we live in,pollution,dust and unhealthy eating habits forms the cause of main of this skin disorders.Another reason may be the use of harmful cosmetics or  cheaper one which brings enormous side effect to the skin.
In this post I like to share few simple ingredients,homemade packs or treatments for a clear,bright skin.
Washing your face once you enter your house after your day out is a must to do ,either with a mild soap or with mild face wash.This step removes all the dirt and dusts which appears on the outer layer of the skin.This also help to reduce the skin tanning caused by over exposition.

My mom's impact on me

Every girl child’s main role model is her mother,mom.Yes for me also my mom was all for me.It's only the gene of her in me I cook,work,live,laugh,etc.Since she is a great cook I realise it's only the impact of her I try new recipes and write food blog.

Let me start to write  a little about my mother,sweet mother.Born in a family with 5 sisters and a brother my mother was not much interested in studies  so she discontinued  it very early as cooking was her interest..My mother got married very early at the age of 17 and had three children.Although she didn’t study much she always encourage us in all ways she can.I still remember when I was in my higher secondary she gets up very early to prepare food for me.Although she had migraine problems she gets so early ,which is uncomfortable for her,for the sake of me.

Quail Egg Roast | Kadaai Egg Roast | Side Dish for Indian FlatBread

quail egg roast
 Quail eggs are three times more nutritious than normal egg and its very cute in size.My son is a die hard lover of this egg and always urge me to buy a pack when I got out to by egg.Now a days I find it rarely there and when enquired he said it get spoiled soon.So Whenever I see these eggs in market I buy a pack without fail.I already have an egg masala with this and this roast is almost a dry version of it.Do try this and I assure that children will fall in love with these cute little beauties.

Homemade Sugarcane Juice | Karumbu Juice | கரும்பு ஜூஸ்

HOw was your Pongal celebration and  all we for the first time we celebrated in a traditional way since we came Chennai by making it in the upstairs of our apartment in earthern ware .We had our lunch in banana leaves which makes the food more healthy and delicious.I shared few pictures on social media and got great comments too.Coming to this recipe no one ate the sugar cane we bought for pongal celebration and so I made the juice for kids to drink it easily.During summer we can street vendors sell these juices plenty on road,but main problem in it is hygiene and the ice they use.So please make it fresh at home and drink.Here I have not used any fancy machine to extract the juice ,I just used my mixer.

My golden morning hours #Colgate360GoldMornings

My usual early morning hours...

This is how normally the early morning hours of a day will be.

Snoozing out the repeated alarm on mobile by just saying little more nap on,then somehow  will get after ten  minutes.Go straight to the kitchen to boil the milk because I need my coffee immediately after I brush..After making necessary arrangements for the milk I move towards bathroom to brush my teeth.Just I finish my brushing my milk kettle will sounds me that it's ready and I rush up to kitchen to make my coffee and sip it.Yes,it's the coffee which makes my day starts refreshing and active.Following this my routine day to day activity starts up.

But things changed when I got a hamper from Colgate which had all golden things - a coffee mug,golden colour flask/sipper and a 360 charcoal gold  toothbrush.

Tomato Rice | Left Over Rice Recipe | Easy Lunch Box

Yesterday night when we had some left over rice from the afternoon meal we decided to make this quick rice for dinner.Its was so yummy  and we had it with masala egg.The toasted garlic and ginger gives this rice an exotic aroma and taste.It is ideal for lunch box.Do give a try when you have some rice as leftover.

Blueberry Lemonade | Blueberry Lemonade using Blueberry Crush

Happy new year to all,You may think why I post summer drink in winter ,I don't cook any think specail to blog  since Christmas as we went to native to celebrate it and I notice that I update my blog long back.So to keep my page active I post this which I made very long back.Please pardon me as I may not regulary blog till January and may post one or two recipe which are left in my draft.

Coming to this drink which I made it with readymade blueberry crush.Since the crauh had sugar in it I didnot add any. but if using fresh blueberry add sugar as per your taste.

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