Blueberry Lemonade | Blueberry Lemonade using Blueberry Crush

Happy new year to all,You may think why I post summer drink in winter ,I don't cook any think specail to blog  since Christmas as we went to native to celebrate it and I notice that I update my blog long back.So to keep my page active I post this which I made very long back.Please pardon me as I may not regulary blog till January and may post one or two recipe which are left in my draft.

Coming to this drink which I made it with readymade blueberry crush.Since the crauh had sugar in it I didnot add any. but if using fresh blueberry add sugar as per your taste.


  • Blueberry crush-2 tbsp
  • cold water- 1 cup
  • lemon juice-from a lemon
  • ice cubes-for serving


- except ice add everything in a tall glass and mix well.

-add ice cubes to it and serve immediately.

This drink act as a best thirst quencher.


1.If using fresh fruit,add it along with sugar,water and blend it well in amixer.Sieve  through a fliter to remove seeds.Add ice cubes and serve.


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