Strawberry Preserve /Jam | Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam

strawberry preserve

Before strawberries vanish from the market, I want to use them to the maximum.My long term wish was to make this preserve that without any preservatives or pectin..With just three ingredients you can make this preserve and store in a  refrigerator for future use as spread over bread/roti or to make milkshakes,etc.Here made it with chopped pieces  so as to get some chunky pieces while bitting but you can also blend it for finer version.Here I havSo do try this soon before these berries say bid adieu this year.

Coconut Burfi/Fudge | Thenga Burfi | Indian Sweet

coconut burfi

Coconut Fudge/burfi is one of  the easiest sweet one can try.Even a beginners can try this sweet as it is so simple with few ingredients.When I was in college I use shared this recipe with my friends and one of my friend tried it and got huge appreciation.Yes, its very easy and I guess your pantry will surely have all items for it.When you get sudden sweet carving do try this simple sweet and indulge in it.

Palak Pulao | Spinach Rice | Easy One Pot Meal

palak rice

We all know greens are grat source of iron and this spinach/palak is  not an exemption loaded with nutrients and good factors .This nutrient dense food  is so versatile can be either eaten as raw in salads or in cooked dishes or soups.It is low calorie and high in vitamins,minerals and other nutrients.It is is the only green which is readily available  all over the world and is affordable by all.

Strawberry Choco Chip Cupcakes | Eggless Cupcake

strawberry choco chip cupcakes

Since we did a small renovation in our kitchen I was not in a position to bake with my oven toaster, because the pin socket doesn't match with the one in the wall.When there is no room for baking my minds was eager for it and its true i guess ,   one get more anxiety :-? about a particular action when it is not possible for a certain period.Have anybody experienced it and I felt it more when I was not able to bake but now after I got my adaptor for it my enthuse for baking has dropped to null.This is the only cupcake I have baked so far and I pray[-O< my spirit for baking must increase.

Beetroot Cutlet | Beetroot Tikki | Healthy Cutlet

beetroot cutlet

Beetroot also knows as beets is a super healthy food which can be used as raw or cooked.With the wide range of health benefits in it has proved,  it lowers blood pressure. These have a unique source of betaine which is a nutrient that protects cells.This can be eaten either as simple salads marinated with lemon juice,herbs, and olive oil or cooked or one can even use it in baking to make cakes/cupcakes.

Stuffed Lady's Finger | Bharwan Bhindi | Stuffed Okra

stuffed okra

Stuffed bhindi/lady's finger is quite a common recipe in India where the Bharwan means stuffing which  is made either with peanuts or grated coconut.This makes an excellent side dish for rice or even roti.Its my daughter who love to have different side dish for roti or rice .Hence for the sake satisfying her carves over food I started trying new recipes. When she asked for this stuffed version of lady's fingers I googled and got ideas and did it.

Paneer Makhani | Side Dish for Roti /Indian Flat Breads

paneer makhani

Any recipe with paneer is much wanted in my house so when ever i go for grocery shopping i see that I grab a pack .Sometimes I make tikka and more often I make gravy for roti/chapathai. like shahi paneer,palak paneer,etc .You can also make sandwich with it.This makhani is so simple to make and i which I have used milk in the place of cream.I didn't follow any recipe and I did it on my own as each one has thier own method of making.

Baked Sweet Potatoes | Sweet Potato Fries ( Baked Version )

It always a challenge for me when it comes what to make for  after school snacks in the evening.Sometimes I go with store bought snack (which are very easy),sometimes with some baked goodies and many times vada,bonda,bhaji,boiled lentils variety,etc.One day when i was paused not knowing what to make something struck to bake these fries as my son is fond of french fries.Immediately I did it,clicked it and  hence this one here.My daughter enjoyed it to the core where else my son felt it little bit spicy.So please check for spice level when giving it to younger children.

Strawberry Mousse | Eggless Strawberry Mousse | Valentine Day Special

 strawberry mousse

Strawberries are in season ,one can find it almost in all super markets and fruit vendors.Oh! what lovely coloured fruits with seeds outside and I just love the colour,taste and look.This time I noticed even the price of it has dropped much from last year.So please buy and enjoy as  fruit or make some yummy delicacies with it.I tried some shots with it too.:P

Radish Leaves Stir fry | Radish Leaves- Moong Dal Stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

Today I here with a healthy stir fry recipe with the greens of radish ,yes its with the leaves of radish/mooli. Whenever you see these greens at markets/departmental stores don't hestitate to pick a bunch as its very healthy and tasty.Also it hardly take around fifteen minutes to prepare this.Do give a try this green once and I am sure you will  make it again and again.

Capsicum Sabji | Mixed Bell Pepper Masala | Side Dish for Roti

Today I share with you all an easy side dish for Indian flat bread with  minimal ingredients.With the use the three colored bell peppers this dish looks very attractive  and colorful.The preparation and cooking time altogether just need around 15 minutes and it tastes delicious with roti/chappati..Do try this and enjoy with your family.

Cauliflower Soup | Healthy Low Calorie Soup | Soup Recipe

Cauliflower is one vegetable which will be plenty in market during winter.Its high in anti-inflammatory nutrients to keep body fit and healthy.Rich in dietary fibre this vegetable boost heart and brain health.This also help in detoxification of body in many ways.When I bought a flower to try any recipes I got hooked to this soup in Tarla Dalal,I took some ideas from her website and with some variation in ingredients I made this tasty soup.It was so filling that one don't need any thing other than few bread sticks or pieces.

Checkerboard Cake Without any Fancy Pan | Sweet to share a Happy News | Celebration Cake

I am here with a good news that my blog moved from blogspot to domain, yes it had been more than three plus years since I started to write and was wandering to move to domain.I knew it  involves some technical works and keep it away for a long time.When we in native during Xmas  holiday I shared this with my nephew and he immediately assured to do help me in transformation.