Cauliflower Soup | Healthy Low Calorie Soup | Soup Recipe

Cauliflower is one vegetable which will be plenty in market during winter.Its high in anti-inflammatory nutrients to keep body fit and healthy.Rich in dietary fibre this vegetable boost heart and brain health.This also help in detoxification of body in many ways.When I bought a flower to try any recipes I got hooked to this soup in Tarla Dalal,I took some ideas from her website and with some variation in ingredients I made this tasty soup.It was so filling that one don't need any thing other than few bread sticks or pieces.

Preparation time:5 mins
cooking time: 15 mins
Serves: 2-3


  • cauliflower florets- 1 & 1\2 cup
  • oil-2 tsp
  • onion-1
  • milk+ water-2 cup
  • whole pepper-1 r 2 tsp
  • salt -to taste
  • coriander leaves

cauliflower soup


1.Boil some water.Put the florets in it for few minutes to remove and insects or germs in it.Drain the water.

2.Heat oil in pan , saute   onion followed by drained florets for some time.Then add in milk and half of water.Add in whole pepper and wait till the florets are cooked.Switch off,cool a bit.

3.Transfer to a mixer and blend well.Transfer it to the pan again.add some water and wash the mixer.

4.Add in salt and keep stirring for a while,then switch off.Garnish with some coriander leaves.

Serve immediately with some bread sticks or plain.


1.The only spice ingredients is pepper so add accordingly

2.You can even sprinkle some pepper powder in top while serving.


  1. Soup looks very tasty. Perfect for this season

  2. lovely soup to keep us full and yet low on cal


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