Strawberry Preserve /Jam | Easy Homemade Strawberry Jam

strawberry preserve

Before strawberries vanish from the market, I want to use them to the maximum.My long term wish was to make this preserve that without any preservatives or pectin..With just three ingredients you can make this preserve and store in a  refrigerator for future use as spread over bread/roti or to make milkshakes,etc.Here made it with chopped pieces  so as to get some chunky pieces while bitting but you can also blend it for finer version.Here I havSo do try this soon before these berries say bid adieu this year.
Preparation time: 5mins
cooking time: 15 mins
Recipe type: Preserve/jam
Recipe Cuisine: continental
Author: Babitha
yield : around 1\2 cup


  • Strawberries-around 10.hulled and halved
  • sugar- 2 tbsp( adjust)
  • lemon juice-1\2 tsp

strawberry jam


1.To a non stick pan add in chopped berries and sugar.Keep sauteing in low flame.The sugar will release water and make a thick mass with berries.

2.Add in lemon juice and keep stirring.When it becomes thick switch off.Cool and transfer to a dry,clean glass bottle.

strawberry jam

Can be kept in room temperature just for a day or two.If using for more than two days keep it  in the fridge.


1.Adjust sugar level depending on the sweetness of the fruit.

2.Stay good just a couple of day in room temperature. Refrigerate it if using  for more than two days.


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