Aam Ka Panna | Raw Mango Drink | Summer Drink

aam ka panna

One would say summer is officially in India as one feel more heat,sweat,thirstiness,etc,etc.Met department says the temperature now in March very much above the normal by 4-5 deg.I'm literally not willing to do anything due to this heat except just eat,watch TV ,read or browse.Many thoughts arise to try new recipes while looking other blogs my feel really lazy now a days.On Monday when my daughter was in her study holiday I some how managed to make this drink in my kitchen which I was eyeing to do more than a year.

Summer and mangoes are inseparable and we can see vegetable vendors selling raw mango.But fully riped good quality mangoes and yet to come.

Aam ka panna - "aam " means mango , panna means drink,since its a drink with mango its called so.This drink is made with raw mangoes,sugar and some spices.The drink has all tastes in it like the sourness from mango,sweetness from sugar and hotness from spices.Here I have used white sugar as sweetening agent but you can also use jaggery or any organic sugar.

Aam Ka Panna | Raw Mango Drink | Summer Drink

  • Raw mango-1 (1 cup pulp)
  • sugar- 1 n 1\2 cup
  • roasted cumin powder- 2 tsp
  • black salt- 2 tsp
  • Mint leaves-few (optional)  for garnishing.

aam ka panna


1.Pressure cook mango for 3 whistle.Cool and collect the pulp alone and measure it.

aam ka panna

2.To the mango pulp ( for smoother pulp blend it in mixer ).add all other ingredients in to it and mix well.This is the concentrate.

3.To make a drink pour little in a serving glass,fill with chilled water,add mint leaves and serve.

- you can even puree some mint leaves and make the juice.
- can add little chat masala while making juice.


  1. Lovely dear... It took one year for you... I am still thinking to prepare... Don't know when I will do... 😜😜

  2. It always on my top list in summer.. Awesome share

  3. So refreshing! Dear, try taking vertical pictures so that you can cover the whole scenes... the pics are nice but it would have been better if the pics were vertical... :)

  4. Perfect for this summer, love it

  5. Looks delicious I need to make it once I get the fresh fruit.

  6. My favourite drink ever. Plus, I loved your pictures <3
    Harshita’s Kitchen


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