Pukhlein - Sweet of Meghalaya

Pukhlein - is  nothing but a simple sweet made with rice flour and jaggery and then deep fried in hot.It a simple  sweet delicacy of north eastern  state, Meghalaya.Though it  look some what similar to that of south Indian ,Adhirasam, but in adhirasam, the preparation of dough is  a long procedure and one need to keep the prepared dough for aging. But in this pukhlein, the method is so simple, just mix it up and fry.With minimal ingredients we can easily make this.

I bet one can't stop munching this as it is too addictive.I paired it for evening chai and it tastes yummy.Recipe adapted from here.

Avocado Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Avocado - Vegetable Sandwich

Holidays means no need to get early, no stress about what to pack for lunch,long morning sleep,lots of chilled beverages  and  more.Although we get up late I really feel irritated sometimes as i am clueless what to cook for breakfast as  no batters are stocked up in refrigerator .Some day i just make any instant flour and prepare easy recipes.

Breads  comes as great rescuer when its for breakfast.One can just make french toast,or any sanwiches or just spread butter/ jam and eat.Another time saving is we don't need to make any side dish for it .In this summer no  need to sweat too much in kitchen just make quick and healthy breakfast wih bread.

Orange Fizz | Fresh Orange Drink | Summer Drink

As the temperature is scorching day by day I had become difficult to with it.Is just April and I"m much worried how it would be in the month of May.As in the month of May, we have the peak of summer called as " Agni Nakshatram" for a period of around 25 days which are the hottest days in a year.This year it starts on May 3rd and ends on May 27th.

But we feel the heat of that period now in the month of April itself.I am much concerned how people who sell on pavements manage to withstand this heat.Let's pray that the sun god to be merciful on them and might bring some changes in weather.

Foxtail Millet- Jaggery Pudding | Thinnai- Jaggery Payasam | Tamil New Year Day Recipe

thinnai payasam

இனிய தமிழ்  புத்தாண்டு  வழ்த்துக்கள் ,Wishing all my readers on this Tamil new year day and Vishu wishes for people in Kerala.

Nothing better than a sweet to begin this auspicious day and so here I am with an interesting pudding/payasam with a millet- Foxtail.

Pumpkin Paratha | Paratha Recipe

I was lagging interest in blogging and when I shared my status in FB ,blogger friends suggested me to take a break .I too thought but things becomes worse as I was more stressed up in free time.When kids are at home I feel engaged and lively and once they left for school my mood changes so today I decided to write a post to keep me engaged.

After ages  I clicked pictures  a day before to blog and hence this recipe.