Axis Bank ties up with Apollo Hospital

Axis Bank partners with Apollo Munich to offer
bespoke health insurance solutions to its customers

§  Bank’s exclusive Bancassurance partner for health insurance solutions
§  Unique support and service mechanism for the Bank’s customers
§  Paperless processes to ensure minimum TAT for policy issuance and service

BookMyShow introduces ‘MyCoupons’ - Review

BookMyShow has come with a new initiative " My coupons", which offers

-      Free discount vouchers can be availed at popular eating joints in close proximity to the cinema

-      Offering currently in Mumbai and Pune; to be extended to more cities over the next few months

Mumbai, April 27, 2016: BookMyShow (BMS), India’s largest entertainment ticketing brand, has introduced ‘MyCoupons’- free discount vouchers that can be availed at popular restaurants & cafes that are in close proximity to the cinema you are visiting. The offering is currently available only on in Mumbai and Pune and users get to choose coupons from a host of restaurants immediately after selecting their seats for a movie. BMS has already partnered with over 100 eateries in these cities including Subway, Café Coffee Day, Baskin-Robbins, Mad Over Donuts, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. to offer such discounts.

Pukhlein - Sweet of Meghalaya

Pukhlein - is  nothing but a simple sweet made with rice flour and jaggery and then deep fried in hot.It a simple  sweet delicacy of north eastern  state, Meghalaya.Though it  look some what similar to that of south Indian ,Adhirasam, but in adhirasam, the preparation of dough is  a long procedure and one need to keep the prepared dough for aging. But in this pukhlein, the method is so simple, just mix it up and fry.With minimal ingredients we can easily make this.

I bet one can't stop munching this as it is too addictive.I paired it for evening chai and it tastes yummy.Recipe adapted from here.

Avocado Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe | Avocado - Vegetable Sandwich

Holidays means no need to get early, no stress about what to pack for lunch,long morning sleep,lots of chilled beverages  and  more.Although we get up late I really feel irritated sometimes as i am clueless what to cook for breakfast as  no batters are stocked up in refrigerator .Some day i just make any instant flour and prepare easy recipes.

Breads  comes as great rescuer when its for breakfast.One can just make french toast,or any sanwiches or just spread butter/ jam and eat.Another time saving is we don't need to make any side dish for it .In this summer no  need to sweat too much in kitchen just make quick and healthy breakfast wih bread.

Malhar Patterns- Open Plan Home from GoodEarth

To live a calm, peaceful life one need to have his home in or around a green community without any  pollution .To make this to reality GoodEarth's latest project  is Malhar Patterns- open plan houses where they create a community similar to that of a village with all greenery and fresh air around it.

GoodEarth introduces Malhar Patterns – Open Plan Home

GoodEarth, known for constructing environment-friendly and sustainable neighborhoods introduces its latest Community called Malhar Patterns - Open Plan Homes.

Always Hire Police Verified Domestic Help

One can’t spot the daily newspaper without a news in robbery,murder and sex abuse as it has become common news now.On looking at the root cause for many of these crimes are from the people whom we appoint to do our daily house - hold works, as we don’t know their original background and we blindly appoint them by their good looks.Only after any serious disaster we look in verifying more about them.

So better appoint police verified drivers,cooks,maids for your domestic help than ordinary people.

Orange Fizz | Fresh Orange Drink | Summer Drink

As the temperature is scorching day by day I had become difficult to with it.Is just April and I"m much worried how it would be in the month of May.As in the month of May, we have the peak of summer called as " Agni Nakshatram" for a period of around 25 days which are the hottest days in a year.This year it starts on May 3rd and ends on May 27th.

But we feel the heat of that period now in the month of April itself.I am much concerned how people who sell on pavements manage to withstand this heat.Let's pray that the sun god to be merciful on them and might bring some changes in weather.

Zimmber Launches The " Refer & Earn "

Its app-oriented world and people prefer everything to be in their mobile and hence we can see apps growing day by day. To check with all household maintaining works one needs to have an app specially designed app , Zimmber for it.

About Zimmber

Zimmber provides the best handyman services. Zimmber’s range of services include electrical services that takes care of any electrical installation or repair, plumbing services, AC services, Home spa, car spa, sofa spa, carpet spa, salon at home services and many more.Zimmber calls its professionals Champs for a reason, as they perform their duties with meticulousness, self-assurance and refinement. Competitive pricing and on-time services is what makes Zimmber truly stand out amongst its competitors.

Sweet Potato stir fry | Side Dish for Rice

 I remember one of aunt saying about the benefit of this sweet potatoes and how this can be easily smashed and feed for babies from seven months.I always have a liking towards this potato and can eat in what ever way it is cooked.sometimes I just cook and serve as evening snacks making balls of  it along with grated coconut and sugar.Mostly I cooked and then add some spicy masala made with coconut and spice to serve as side for rice.

Mango Yogurt Popsicle | Mango Recipe | Summer Treat

Mangoes are in season and I started shopping for it every week but the taste was not that good.Due to this my kids refuse having it as such .So when I bought them for the first time this season its only me who had to eat them all,But when I purchased it again I already set my mind to make some different recipe with it.

Foxtail Millet- Jaggery Pudding | Thinnai- Jaggery Payasam | Tamil New Year Day Recipe

thinnai payasam

இனிய தமிழ்  புத்தாண்டு  வழ்த்துக்கள் ,Wishing all my readers on this Tamil new year day and Vishu wishes for people in Kerala.

Nothing better than a sweet to begin this auspicious day and so here I am with an interesting pudding/payasam with  a millet- Foxtail.

Pumpkin Paratha | Paratha Recipe

I was lagging interest in blogging and when I shared my status in FB ,blogger friends suggested me to take a break .I too thought but things becomes worse as I was more stressed up in free time.When kids are at home I feel engaged and lively and once they left for school my mood changes so today I decided to write a post to keep me engaged.

After ages  I clicked pictures  a day before to blog and hence this recipe.
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