Homemade Fresh Mango Juice | Mango Juice

Homemade is always ,nothing can compromise it.One will long for homemade food if he/she eat outside food continuously for more than two days.My daughter who went for school tour for three days came home sick just carving for any homemade food.There is always somethings special in home cooked food even a simple rasam will taste divine.

Hara Bhara Kabab | Spinach & Peas Patties

Hara bhara kabab means its a green cutlet which is nothing but made of spinach,green peas and potato. It is healthy and tasty with loaded proteins.We serve it simply serve it with ketchup or keep as patties between bread and serve as burger.Even the kids who refuse to eat greens will surely have this kabab due to its taste.Do give a try once and I'm sure you will make it again and again.

Maharashtrian Kadhi | Simple Yogurt Curry | Gravy for Rice

Making an elaborate meal in this scorching sweat/heat is a big task and many prefer simple easy recipes which requires less time to cook and to be in kitchen. To be frank we  don't  feel hungry tbut one can't survive by just having fluid so its necessary to eat some solid food.To make the task simpler easy one pot meal or gravy like this kadhi comes in handy.

Our Unforgettable Holiday

Travelling is always fun either a short family trip or a long vacation is always exciting.It is an activity which almost all people love it.For some , it is an opportunity to explore new people, place, and their cultures.For some, it is an  activity to relax from their stressful,busy life and there some group of people who often travel a bit to relish in new pubs,restaurant,hotel just to drain their wallet.

Travelling for me is something that gives immense pleasure and joy which cannot be expressed in words.I always prefer to travel with my lovely family or with my great big family back in our hometown which will always be fun.

Avocado - Coconut Chutney | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

Its easy to make idli/ dosa for breakfast and when making side for it if it happens to be sambar children complain of it so it sometimes becomes little tough for me to decide the side dish for it.When I bought few avocado I was left with one left which I was planning to make ice-cream but it doesn't happen ,So decided to end by making this chutney.Googled to get some knowledge of it and ended making the version suiting me.

Mango Iced Tea | Mango Recipes | Summer Drink

Mango,king of  the  fruit is in season and I buy them each and every time I go for veggie shopping .Many time I end up eating the fruit as such and sometimes make different recipes of it.Having plans to try new recipes this season I pray my laziness and scorching temperature doesn't make my plan go void.

Raw Banana Curry | Kancha Kadali Tarakari | Recipe from Orissa

On seeing the title you may be bit confused it is nothing but a simple raw banana curry from Orissa.
"Kancha kadali " means raw banana , " Tarakari " means curry.Though it may sound weird but it is so simple and tasty.Being a blogger I decide to try a recipe from all state .I googled up and ended my search here to make this up  for lunch one day.

Misthi Doi - Famous Bengali Dessert | Step By Step Procedure

Misthi Doi is one fo the famous Bengali sweet and a popular dessert in west Bengal.One mustn't return from there without tasting this yummy dessert as it has an unique taste from all other sweet.Though this easily available readymade in market nowaday preparing it from starch is always wiser.Also it is quite easy to prepare.

Fresh Litchi Juice | Homemade Juice

Homemade juices are always best as we know the things we add it and moreover it is preservatives.
 free.Although canned or packed juices can be kept for some days even after opening it had loaded sugars and other ingredients which may be harmful to us.So it is better to make fresh juice with the seasonal fruits that are available during the period and enjoy the goodness of it.

Make fresh juices this summer with fruits in the market and reamin hydrated.

Foxtail Millet/ Thinnai Idli | Millets Recipe | Healthy Breakfast

Including millets in our day to day to food is a healthy option.I try to use them in what all ways I can and the most easy way is to make south Indian style breakfast like idli,dosa,pongal,puttu,etc.I have quite some collection of millets recipes in blog ,if willing check it out.You can also cook these millets as we cook rice and have along with some spicy gravy.