Avocado - Coconut Chutney | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

Its easy to make idli/ dosa for breakfast and when making side for it if it happens to be sambar children complain of it so it sometimes becomes little tough for me to decide the side dish for it.When I bought few avocado I was left with one left which I was planning to make ice-cream but it doesn't happen ,So decided to end by making this chutney.Googled to get some knowledge of it and ended making the version suiting me.

avocado chutnay
Do give a try if you wish to try new side dish for your idli/chutney.You can find few varieties of it my blog here.

Preparation time: 5 mins
cooking time: 5mins
serves: 2-3


  • Riped avocado-1
  • Coconut pieces-5 pieces
  • green chilly-2 r 3
  • onion-1
  • tamarind-very small berry size.
  • garlic pods-3
  • salt- to taste
  • oil-1 tbsp + 1 tbsp
  • mustard- to temper


Collect the ingredients for it.

1.Heat one tbsp oil in pan,add onion & green chilly and saute for a while till it becomes translucent.Then add tamarind ,saute few seconds and switch off.cool a bit.

2.Add the mixture into a mixer and grind it well first along with garlic pods.Then add in peeled & chopped avocado pieces,salt and grind it well.That's it, your chutney is ready.

3.Temper with mustard and add to it.


1.It was less spicy so if you opt for spicy version increase green chilly.

2.Tempering is optional you can also use without it.


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