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Homemade is always ,nothing can compromise it.One will long for homemade food if he/she eat outside food continuously for more than two days.My daughter who went for school tour for three days came home sick just carving for any homemade food.There is always somethings special in home cooked food even a simple rasam will taste divine.

Like so this juice too is so tasty and healthy without any preservatives.Although many branded mango juices are available in market this juice is somewhat different from all both in taste and texture.Do make this easy,breezy drink this mango season and enjoy with family.

Preparation time:5 mins
makes:2 cups

  • Mango pieces- from one mango
  • sugar- 2 tsp ( adjust)
  • water-1\2 cup
  • ice cubes-4 or as needed


Add everything in to a blender/mixer and blend it well.Pour into glasses and serve.You can also chill for a while and serve.


1.You can also squeeze some lemon for extra punch .

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