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Mango,king of  the  fruit is in season and I buy them each and every time I go for veggie shopping .Many time I end up eating the fruit as such and sometimes make different recipes of it.Having plans to try new recipes this season I pray my laziness and scorching temperature doesn't make my plan go void.

Last time when I bought few I made this iced tea which was really refreshing.There is no limit in the addition of mango pure.According to you choice you can either dominate mango or tea water.It so simple do make and remain hydrated by drinking more fluids.

Preparation time: 5 mins
cooking time: under 15 mins


  • Mango-1
  • tea powder- 1 r 2 tsp
  • sugar- 2 r 3 tsp ( adjust)
  • water- 1 cup
  • Mint -to garnish ( optional)


1.Clean and peel the skin of the mango.Chop in to pieces and make puree of it.Store in fridge.

2.Add tea powder and sugar in water and allow it to boil.When it starts to roll boil,switch off. Strain it and allow it to cool completely.

3.When it comes to room temperature add in lots of ice cubes,  required amount of mango puree and mix well.

4.Check for sugar and add if needed.Pour into serving glass with some more ice cubes and mint leaves.


1.You can also use tea bags.In that case boil water add in tea bag and switch off,allow  to brew well.Then add in mango puree,sugar ,ice cubes and serve.

2.You can adjust the quantity of mango puree or brewed tea water according to your taste.

3.Don't allow the tea leaves to boil for long time as it may cause bitter taste.


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