Misthi Doi - Famous Bengali Dessert | Step By Step Procedure

Misthi Doi is one fo the famous Bengali sweet and a popular dessert in west Bengal.One mustn't return from there without tasting this yummy dessert as it has an unique taste from all other sweet.Though this easily available readymade in market nowaday preparing it from starch is always wiser.Also it is quite easy to prepare.

The only time-consuming work is the simmering of the milk to half of its original value and all other process are quite.Also one need patient for the doodh/milk to set.Usually it is set in earthen pot and then kept in refrigerator for some time and served chilled.

Being a sweet lover I decided to try desserts from other states to satisfy my carve.While searching for this recipe i found it here.Since making for the first time I just made a small batch of it.

cooking time; 30-45 mins
setting time; 6-8 hrs or overnight


  • Milk- 2 cups
  • sugar- 3 tbsp
  • curd/yogurt- 1 tbsp


1.Boil milk with 2 tbsp of sugar till it reduces to one cup.

2.Heat another pan  and caramelise a tbsp of sugar.Add the boiling milk into it and stir well till the caramelised sugar dissolves in it.Allow it to cool.

3.When it become lukewarm add a tbsp of curd,mix and pour into earthen pot for it to set.

4.When  set keep in refrigerator for some time and serve chilled.


1.the amount of sugar can be increased or decreased.

2.Don't add curd when the  milk is hot as it may curdle.

3.The color of the caramelised sugar brings color shade to the doi.

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