Our Unforgettable Holiday

Travelling is always fun either a short family trip or a long vacation is always exciting.It is an activity which almost all people love it.For some , it is an opportunity to explore new people, place, and their cultures.For some, it is an  activity to relax from their stressful,busy life and there some group of people who often travel a bit to relish in new pubs,restaurant,hotel just to drain their wallet.

Travelling for me is something that gives immense pleasure and joy which cannot be expressed in words.I always prefer to travel with my lovely family or with my great big family back in our hometown which will always be fun.

Here I am with my travel diary to one of the best city .Dubai in UAE.We had been there two times and this one is about our trip last year which we enjoyed more than our previous visit.Our planning for this started in the month February and our tickets were booked in March for our travel in April.Since my husband was working in Dubai accommodation problem was not a big issue for us.Visa arranged,ticket printed out ,baggage packed and we three ,me and my two kids , were all excited to begin a month-long stay there.

It was around twelve in midnight when our taxi came and happily got in and reached the airport with all colourful expectation lingering in minds.There was a very long queue in the immigration check and it took nearly more than three hours to clear all necessity to board a plane.Since it was a long time we had to run to board the international flight  as the departing time was getting delayed.Since we all were soo tired we fall asleep once the flight departs.

My husband received us in the airport in Dubai and we reached room after our breakfast in the hotel .First, two days went in settling ,shopping and arranging things for our month stay there.Every weekend we use to go for the tourist attractions places there.For the first weekend, we went to a garden named Miracle Garden.Please don’t get mistaken it as miracle happening place it's just a name where plants,flowers   grown in different shapes and are maintained well .One can find flowers of almost all color there and for people opting to shot great photos then this is the place.Here are few glimpses of that garden.

For the Second week. we decided to travel a bit to Al-Ain which had a big zoo,kids theme park, and Jabal Hafeet mountain..Due to time constraint, we didn’t go to the theme park but had a great time in other two places.In Zoo, the animals were well kept and one couldn’t smell any fouling or bad smell anywhere which attracts me the most.The mountain which was about 4000 feet above is the best place to view the entire city.Journey through  the steep roads to the  mountains was thrilling, exciting and bit nervous too.

For the third week ,we already planned to go Abu Dhabi and see all attractions there .We booked for a stay in a world class hotel there.Early morning we started by road ,first entered the Ferrari world ,which was just at the entrance of that city.Having many new rides which  never ever had been was fun and thrilling.It was almost evening when we get out from there and visited the grand mosque.Tourist of all religion is allowed to visit it except few praying area.But women need to put that black dress called abaya   with head covered.Late night we checked in the hotel we prebooked and had a good nap.Next morning we vacated the hotel and visited some sight attraction in the city like emirates palace,marina mall,etc.

emirates palace hotel

For the fourth week , we decided to round on Dubai city alone for shopping ,shopping ,eating out and having fun. Do you know our return package weight was 95 kilograms .Somehow we managed to bring all things without any extra baggage pay in the airport.

Even after landing Chennai airport our minds and thoughts long to go back there. It is just an awesome place and we are planning to go there and see all the attractions we missed in near future.

Pictures are my own pictures.

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