Broccoli Pakora | Broccoli Fritters

Sudden change in weather from hot to mildly raining calls for some deep fried snack in the evening.Yes, the  temperature here in Chennai is too good with light showers now and then in days but some sure in nights.Something hot,deep fried  eatable is the best one for the evening snack.
Last week I bought some broccoli to make some lunch box rice recipes for my kids but I didn't so yesterday I decided to make this fritters for their after school snack.I was also left with some more florets for it which I prepared soup and added little in our dinner pasta, which I would share soon.

Mango Falooda Popsicle | Mango Recipe

mango falooda popsicle

After reading the title you may think I'm mad but pls don't come to the conclusion unless and until you give a try and taste it. After seeing huge falooda recipes with mango on social media a sudden thought got struck to try a popsicle with it.I too tried it as it will be very easy to serve for my kids.
I tried it and it was tasty but one thing I would advise you to add some sugar to the boiled vermicelli as it tasted pain for us. With no further delay let me share with you all how I made it.

Easy Choco chips Cupcakes | Simple Vanilla Muffins | Eggless Cupcakes

You may ask what's in cupcakes we know it well, yes I agree but here the major difference is just adding all ingredients and mixing up.Usually when baking any cake or cupcake first one need to cream butter and sugar then add in egg,shifted flour,essence and then bake.But in this method no need for all that step just add everything to a mixing bowl,mix and bake.

Mango Kulfi | Mango recipes

mango kulfi

Kulfi is described as traditional Indian dessert which is nothing but thickened milk with sugar,saffron and nuts.Mainly is prepared with full cream milk.khoya,cream and nuts.But today variety of variation is available as bloggers keep trying new innovative kulfis.

Ragi / Finger Millet Idli | Healthy Breakfast

Ragi which is known as finger millet is a healthy ,nutritious and  fibrous food.This millet can be easily consumed by all age group of people from infant aged 6 months to very old adults.High is fibre , being an excellent source of calcium,amino acids,phosphorus, Vitamin A,proteins  it also helps to control cholesterol problem.

Aamras | Sweetened Mango Puree | Side Dish for Poori

Aamras is nothing but a mango puree flavored with cardamon and saffron.It is a Gujarati sweet dish.while browsing for this recipe I read as it is not alone served with Puri/poori but also as a dessert. Aam means mango and ras mean water, yes aamars is nothing but liquefied mango puree.water or milk is added to diluted it but here I did not add any liquid.

Mixed Fruit Custard | Easy Dessert Recipe

I don't know why it took a long time for me to post this easy and simple dessert in my little space.Whenever I decide to make this custard something made me for not doing it and some what I decided to do this last month When i had a box of cut mixed fruits.