Mango Falooda Popsicle | Mango Recipe

mango falooda popsicle

After reading the title you may think I'm mad but pls don't come to the conclusion unless and until you give a try and taste it. After seeing huge falooda recipes with mango on social media a sudden thought got struck to try a popsicle with it.I too tried it as it will be very easy to serve for my kids.
I tried it and it was tasty but one thing I would advise you to add some sugar to the boiled vermicelli as it tasted pain for us. With no further delay let me share with you all how I made it.

Preparation time: 15 mins
Freezing time: 3-4 hours or till it sets
Makes; 6 popsicle


  • Mango puree- from one mango
  • Sweet basil seeds/sabja seeds- 3 tsp
  • vermicelli/sev-1\4 cup
  • sugar -to taste
  • milk-1\3 cup

How I made:

1. Clean, peel and chop the mango. Blend it with milk and sugar.

2.Take basil seeds in a bowl and add some water. allow it to bloom.

3.Slightly roast the vermicelli and cook it in water.When done drain and keep ready.

4. To the popsicle mold first, add bloomed basil seeds, then cooked vermicelli and lastly add the prepared mango shake. Do the same for all molds.

5. Cover and keep it in the freezer for it to set. When set runs it under tap water, remove from the mold and serve.

Easy popsicle with ready. Kids friendly mango treat.

mango falooda popsicle


1. After setting the cooked sev tasted plain so while preparing mix this sev with some sugar or cook with some milk - sugar.


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