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mango kulfi

Kulfi is described as traditional Indian dessert which is nothing but thickened milk with sugar,saffron and nuts.Mainly is prepared with full cream milk.khoya,cream and nuts.But today variety of variation is available as bloggers keep trying new innovative kulfis.

This mango kulfi is nothing but a thick puree of mango is added to the cool milk-sugar mixture.The end product is poured into moulds ,frozen and then served.Here I have used condensed milk which is purely optional you can also make without it.Making this is very simple and do try this easy frozen dessert during this mango season.

Preparation time: 10 mins
cooking time:10 mins
freezing time: 4 to 6 hours


Full cream milk-2 +1\3 cups
sugar-1\2 cup
nuts mix powder- 1 tbsp ( I used  coarsely grounded pistachio,badam,cashew & saffron powder)
corn flour-1 tbsp
condensed milk-2 tbsp( optional)


1.Boil milk,meanwhile mix flour in 1\3 cup of milk.When milk starts to boil add in sugar and mix well.Add in nut powder and keep stirring.

2.Then add in cornflour- milk mixture and keep on mixing as it may form lumps.Add in condensed milk if adding.Keep in flame till the mixture reduced to half of its volume.Allow it to cool.

3.Clean,peel and chop the mango.Bend it to fine puree either with a mixer or hand blender.

4.When the milk mixture becomes cool add the mango puree into it and blend it well.

mango kulfi

5.Pour into kulfi mould and set it in the freezer.When set run it under tap water and enjoy.


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