Mealmaker / Soya chunk Patties | Mini soya granules patties | Vegan Burger Patties

My kids are fond of this soya granule aka soya chunks, Even if I just shallow fry for them there would be a fight between the two of it.At times I make vegan chicken 65/ soya 65 for their lunch box and many times curry with it for roti/ chapathi.
For a day dinner I planned to make the burger and for the patties, I thought to make it with this soya chunks.Since it easily gets soaked no prior planning for making these patties is needed.

Red Rice Puttu | Red Rice Steamed Cylindrical Cake | South Indian Breakfast

Puttu is one breakfast which brings a big smile but unfortunately, I make it rarely as my daughter hate puttu.But at days I make some different breakfast for her and me indulge in this Kerala delicacy.

Chikoo ice Cream | Sapotta Ice Cream | No Churn Chikoo ice cream

In my chikoo choco milkshake post , I have mentioned about an ice cream I made with this sapotta. Its nothing but his simple easy, no churn method of making it. you don't need to own an ice cream maker to make it. Just a whisk or even a mixer will do wonder.I followed my eggless mango ice cream recipes and just replaced mango with sapota / chikoo or chiku.

Penne Pasta in White Sauce | Easy Dinner Recipe

Pasta comes as a rescue ingredient  when there is nothing to cook for dinner.With this pasta in hand , we can easily make a simple dinner into exotic.Here I have used penne pasta but you can use your own variety.Also, I had some of the mozzarella cheese left out in the refrigerator , which I used it here.This is  purely optionally and can also go with simple cheese which to will work out. You can also add some boiled or steamed vegetables into it.

Double Chocolate Cup cakes | Easy Chocolate Cupcakes

It had been a long time since I used eggs in my bakes.Mostly I bake eggless and the bakes tab remain as proof for it.Not we don't prefer egg in our bakes as my daughter prefer eggless version prior to egg version my bakes were egg free the most time.These cupcakes I prepared when my kids where in summer holidays to fulfill their hungry tummy.Just an egg init the result was soft, delicious cake.

Chikoo- Choco Milk shake | Sapotta Nutella Milk shake

Chickoo ,known as sapota in Tamil is one of my favorite fruit . I can have it  as such as I can without any fuss.Since my kids refuse to have this fruit I hardly buy them .Also since I haven't tried any new recipes with it , I thought of trying something new when I purchased few last time.With few pieces just went straight into my mouth I tried an ice cream and this shake for the sake of my kids .atleast I will be happy that they had it in some way.

Mango Sorbet | Easy Mango Dessert | 3 Ingredients Mango sorbet

mango sorbet

This is my last mango recipe of the year and I hope to try much more next season.I made this a month before as the climate changed I delayed in posting and I decided today is the best day as the sun is bright and we quench for some chilled beverage.With just 3 ingredients we can make is very simple dessert.

Keerai vada | Amaranath Leaves-Urad Dal Fritters

Deep fried snacks and chai/tea in the evening are like matches made is heaven, yes it is an awesome combo and nothing else can be great like these two.I love trying different snacks for my hungry kids from school.Last Saturday while watching Vijay Tv's program of chef Venkatesh Butt ,samayal samayal I decided to make the dish for my kids in the week to follow.I prepared for it well in advance and fried them only after the come as I always wish to serve them hot and my kids to love it as what else joy can be for a mother like me than to see my children enjoying the food I make for them.I can handle any pain to see that joy in their faces.