Colgate Magical Story of my son

The current generation children are talented, hyperactive , multi-talented and also naughty.We cannot blame them for it  as it is the technology and the very vast development in it.Once, the objects which were all dreams for our generation are their day to day needs nowadays. They see many things through television, the internet ,computer , neighborhood,etc. and  also they learn more about it.The television commercial has a greater impact on them than anything.When they saw, they question us many ways and make us feels guilty for not replying correctly.

I have a son, who is in his third grade ,very much interested in participating contest and games when announced either on paper,TV or internet.When Colgate came with this magical story in last year , we purposely did shopping to search for all the toothpaste to collect the collectibles.Together with his sister he did four stories but bit unlucky for not winning any.

This year when he saw magical story commercial on TV  he was torturing me to buy packs of it.Thank God , Colgate themselves sponsored by sending it to bloggers. My son was in a full hype on the day he received it and was much excited to cut , play and narrate the story. It was hard for me to make him wait some time till I get to capture those moments.

The story he said was.

It is a big sea full of surprises.In it lives a variety of sea creatures ranging from very big whale fish, shark, starfish,sea horse,crabs,coral reef and many more countless creatures.apart from this , it is also a paradise for treasures.Many believed that many treasure boxes are in the deep of the deepest part of the sea and the person who gets it are really luckiest on the planet.As every time if any go in search of it will one will be either dead by the creatures deep within or by the sea pirates who sail  always in the sea.

Along the coast lived a poor man who had a big family depending on him. He tried for many works to fulfill the needs of them but nothing worked and he was felt a bit sad.One day as he was walking along that seashore he felt something got stuck in his feet.On opening, he found it was an old map detailing some route inside the sea.Feeling confused he deeply looked in it and realized a great luck awaits for him and decided to dive deep into the sea in search of the treasure box.

On jumping into the sea he had to swim a long distance to reach the middle of it.With the help of the map, he was confused to further proceed to reach the treasure box area.It is that time a mermaid suddenly pop out from the sea.The mermaid helps the man to reach the treasure castle.The poor man was overwhelmed on seeing the castle and was the happiest man when he got the treasure box.

When he was happily returning back with the box there comes a pirate ship with many pirates in it.One of them jumped into the sea to rob off the box from him.But the poor man was so alert and carefully kept the box .He fights against the pirates and brought the box safely to the shore.

With treasures, his life totally changed and thereafter he lived peacefully and happily.

Thank you, Colgate, for this great opportunity by making kids come out with creative stories.

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