Double Chocolate Cup cakes | Easy Chocolate Cupcakes

It had been a long time since I used eggs in my bakes.Mostly I bake eggless and the bakes tab remain as proof for it.Not we don't prefer egg in our bakes as my daughter prefer eggless version prior to egg version my bakes were egg free the most time.These cupcakes I prepared when my kids where in summer holidays to fulfill their hungry tummy.Just an egg init the result was soft, delicious cake.
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double chocolate cupcakes

Preparation time: 5 mins
Baking time: 12-15 mins
makes: 6 cupcakes


  • Flour-1 cup
  • sugar- 1\2 cup
  • oil- 1\2 cup
  • egg-1
  • Cocoa powder- 1\3 cup
  • choco chip-1\4 cup
  • baking powder-1 tsp
  • vanilla essence-1 tsp
  • milk- 2 tbsp (adjust)


1.In a mixing bowl add in sugar and oil, blend it well with hand whisk or electric beater.Add in egg and beat well.
double chocolate cupcakes

2.sieve flour with cocoa powder and baking powder over it.add in essence.If add to mix add some milk.Lastly fold in choco chips to it.

3.Scoop out the batter into lined muffin pan.Bake it in a pre-heated oven for 12-15 mins at 180 deg C till a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Cool and serve the chocolate treat.

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