Red Rice Puttu | Red Rice Steamed Cylindrical Cake | South Indian Breakfast

Puttu is one breakfast which brings a big smile but unfortunately, I make it rarely as my daughter hate puttu.But at days I make some different breakfast for her and me indulge in this Kerala delicacy.
On seeing fellow bloggers sharing video recipes I also thought of taking videos.Although I have took video recipes but all those with my point & shoot camera with one hand cooking & other shooting  were not so good.But having slr, I decided to try.Actually I bought tripod three months back with an aim to make videos only but never used it.On seeing bloggers friends sharing I gave a try this week. Hope you will watch through it and I strongly recommed some sugestion for it.

Prepartion time: 5 mins
cooking time:; 10 mins
Serves : 2


Red rice flour - 3\4 cup
salt- 1\2 tsp
grated coconut- as needed


1.Add flour & salt to a bowl, mix well.

2.Slowly add water little by little till it resemble like bread crumbs.When you tightly hold it must be able to make balls and also it must be easliy breakable.This is the correct stage.

3.To the top part of puttu maker add the perforated plate.First add a layer of grated coconut then flour mix ,then coconut and so on .Finally top with coconut.

4.Pur 2-3 cups water in lower pot and Steam cook for 10 mins.when done push the cooked puttu out in to a plate.

Serve with sugar,banana or with spicy curry.

I always prefer having it with sugar & banana.


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