Créme Brúlée | French Dessert Recipe | Step by Step Pictures

Creme Brulee is a french dessert made with cream,egg yolk, sugar, and flavours.The prepared mix is baked in a water bath to get the pudding consistency.Just before serving a layer of sugar is added and caramelised to get a delightful burnt,crispy taste .It just easy to make and searched many sites to gather information and saw many videos and adapted ideas for many of it.

Ribbon Pakoda | Ola Pakoda | Festive Recipe | Step by Step

Ribbon pakoda / ola pakoda is a deep-fried savory dish which is prepared for any festivals . With very minimal ingredients which will most often be seen in your kitchen pantry, we can make this snacks quickly . Wondering what to make for snack today or for the festivals fast approaching then give a try for this easy pakoda as its a no fail recipe.Even beginners can try this snack.

Sesame & Beaten rice Balls | Ellu & Aval Laddu with Coconut sugar | Diabetic friendly Recipe | Low GI index sweet

Coconut sugar doesn't sound weird ,yes I too felt the same when I got this product from plattershare's goorganic belly nirvana  associate program.The product says that it can be used as regular sugar in place of white sugar and it is suitable for diabetic people as it has low glycemic index.
 I have made this laddu/ balls with the sugar and doesn't find  any change in flavors and taste and I world probably say it's tastier than the regular one.I have made with white sesame seeds but you can also use the black one.

Lemon Cupcakes with Chia Seeds | Lemon Cupcakes | Eggless cupcakes

When I got organic products from plattershare's , Belly Nirvana associate program of GoIndiaOrganic . the first thought that stuck was to bake.Since I had not done any lemony cake I decided to do a cupcake with chia seeds.These chia seeds look similar to sesame seeds and have a crunch effect when bitten.Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and many essential nutrients it also helps in weight management.

Corn Canapes chaat | Easy Canape recipe

 Canapes are nothing but a wafer-like in the form of the small tub like.I ordered it online and it says they are baked and not fried.You can add any filling on it and eat as such which can either be veggies or fruits.Here I have just used some steamed sweet corn kernels.If you don't get these canapes you can replace it with any salty biscuits.

Vazhaipoo Vadai | Banana Flower - Lentils Fritters | Snack Recipe

Today's recipe is a healthy vada with vazhaipoo/ banana flower. Banana flower is one vegetable which I had bought very very rare maybe once or twice before.Although knowing the goodness in it I avoid buying as I was damn sure my kids won't touch it.But If I make any fried snack with it then I was sure it goes well with them.Last week bought a box of peeled flowers from the big basket ( ordering for the first time) keep in mind to make vada with it.but my laziness didn't give time and mood to cook. Somehow I managed to make this healthy fritters for the snack on Tuesday.The difficult part is removing the long stigma in the middle of each flower.Then chopping & grinding are too simple.Here I didn't chop I just added to the dal and ground it.

Anchovies Fish Curry | Nethili Meen Kuzhambu | Gravy For Rice | Raw Mango Fish curry

Fish is our staple food as we are born and brought up near sea shores.But now as kids do prefer fish daily I make them once or twice a week.When its fish for lunch it will be a feast for me and I just love to dig into it.For kids , I do some fish fry and I love curry fish the most as it will be so juicy and succulent.As I write this  my mouth is watering.Yes , it would be heavenly.

Mosambi Juice | Sweet Lime Juice

Mosambi/ sweet lime / sathukudi is a citrus fruit which I rarely buy because my kiddos hate eating fruits and I need to push them now and then to include at least a banana in their diet.Hence fruit shopping I were rare if so It must me, Me alone have to finish them up.

But If I make any juice or milkshake with fruits they would finish up without any fuss.I rarely make juice, as I'm much concerned about the sugar, goes into it. Once a while I make to ensure they get the benefits of the fruit.The difficult part is squeezing of the sweet lime but I you have an electric  squeezer then no pain.