Créme Brúlée | French Dessert Recipe | Step by Step Pictures

Creme Brulee is a french dessert made with cream,egg yolk, sugar, and flavours.The prepared mix is baked in a water bath to get the pudding consistency.Just before serving a layer of sugar is added and caramelised to get a delightful burnt,crispy taste .It just easy to make and searched many sites to gather information and saw many videos and adapted ideas for many of it.
Do try this easy french dessert I'm sure you will get  compliment for your effort and taste.My son just loved it and I have shared his joy of relishing it on my insta account.

Preparation time  5 mins
Baking time; 30-40 mins
serves; 3

  • Cream - 200 ml ( i used low-fat Amul cream)
  • egg yolk- 2
  • sugar- 1\3 cup + 1 tsp
  • vanilla essence- 1 tsp


1.Separate two egg yolk in a mixing bowl.Add in sugar, vanilla essence and mix well till the sugar get dissolved.

2.Heat the cream on low flame.When you see few bubble gently about to pop out switch off and gradually pour the hot cream into the whisked egg yolk- sugar mix.

3.Mix it well till it look like a custard.Pour into ramekin cups.

4.Kepp these in a baking tray and pour water into the tray till halfway to the ramekin cups.

5.Bake it in a pre-heated oven at 150deg C for 30-35 mins till the edge is set but the centre jiggles little when this ramekin cup is gently shaken.

6.Remove from water bath and cool on wire rack.Keep it refrigerated till use.

7.When serving sprinkle sugar on top and blow with the  kitchen torch or with a hot flat spoon for the sugar to get caramelised.

Serve immediately.


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