Choc -Cinnamon Rolls | Eggless Rolls with #LuvIt Chocolates

I received  two boxes of chocolates from Luvit early this year.My kids were over excited and finished up all wafers, bars, milk wafers, etc what they can eat and just left alone dark chocolates.These were lying in my pantry not getting any attention.So I decided a day to finish it off by baking this rolls which made a perfect combo for evening tea.

These are some of the chocolates I received ,
but only this was left over without getting any  attention.

choc cinnamom rolls

Preparation time; 10 mins (excluding proofing time)
Baking time; 20-25 mins


Flour/maida- 1/2 cup
wheat flour- 1\2 cup
yeast - 1 tsp
sugar - 1 tbsp
salt-1\2 tsp
 water- as needed
oil/melted butter-1\3 cup
milk- for brushing

For filling:

dark/ milk chocolate
cinnamon powder- 1\2 tsp
sugar-1\ 2 tsp(optional)


1.In a mixing bowl add in flour,yeast,oil,salt, and sugar .Mix well.slowly add and make a slightly sticky dough.Place in closed in an oiled container for it to double in volume.

2.When puffed up well punch out air and knead by adding little flour.Make balls of it.

3.Roll each ball and keep the filling on one end and roll it.cut into pieces of around 2 inches .do the same for all balls.Line these rolls in a baking tray and allow it to rise up.

4.When risen up brush on top with milk and bake it a pre-heated oven at 180 deg C  for 15-20 mins or till it browns a bit.Smear butter on top when out from oven.

5.Cool, a bit and serve as a snack.

P.s. I baked it long before but posting it very late.


1.Baking time may change from oven to oven.


  1. Lovely rolls! Same here at home, the kids don't even give a look at the dark chocolates...

  2. they look so dark chocolate


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