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Rice flour is the key ingredients for all snacks and some breakfast recipes.Though it is easily available in all departmental and small shops there is always joy in making our own stuff .I have seen my mom making this rice flour in a big batch and storing it for months to be used in puttu,idiyappam, kozhukattai and snacks.At the early stage of my family life, I never made them but  later  I realized its importance and started making them in big batch which comes in handy when no there was no ground dough in the  refrigerator.As festivals are fast approaching hope this post will help you.

If making small amount say 1\2 kg then use your mixer /coffee grinder to powder the rice .For large batch ground them in flour mill nearby.

Preparation time ; 1 to 2 hours
cooking time : 5-10 mins per batch

Main ingredient:

Raw Rice

rice flour


1.Clean rice and soak it in water for at least an hour. Soaking makes the rice absorb water there by increasing the quantity of the flour.

2.Then dain it from  water and dry it inside the house over a cloth under fan for about half an hour to one hour.
homemade rice flour

3.Then grind the rice to fine flour.( I ground it in mill since I made a batch of 2 kg.)If using mixer grind in small quantity, sieve and grind the granules again.

4.In a dry pan roast the ground flour  at low flame till little it dry completely.

Alternatively you can also spread the ground flour over paper for hours and dry completely.but I always prefer dry roasting the ground flour.

For puttu,you can use the roasted flour as such but for idiyappam you have to sieve the flour and use the fine flour.

For storing:

The roasted flour must be cooled completely before transferring it into an air tight container.If any heat persists it may lead to the formation of water droplets on the  lid which may spoil the flour.

I usually roast the flour around 6 in the evening will leave whole night to dry and then store at morning.

Your home made rice flour is ready for making snacks and breakfast.

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