Horsegram Sprouts | Kollu Sprouts | How to make sprouts

Sprouts are germinated seeds of a grain or legume and are consider as super food.Rich in nutrients and minerals they are easy to digest.These can be either eaten as such in salads or made into masala to go side dish for any flat breads or rice.Making sprouts at home is easy ,cheap and hygiene.Though these sprouts are now easily available in all departmental store or with vegetable vendors nothing can beat the freshness of the homemade one.

Horse gram ,known as kollu in tamil, is miracle pulse for weight watchers.This pulse is originally fed for horses and so the horse have that power.This can be consumed as sprouts,whole meal ,sabji or even as dry powder.
Some other horsegram recipes in my blog are horsegram rasam, kollu sundal ,kollu vadai, kollu chutney.Let's see you how make sprouts from it.Using the same method sprouts of other pulses/legume can also be prepared.

Preparation time :2 days


Kollu / horsegram - as needed


1.Check for any impurities/stone in the pulse.Clean the gram and soak in water for 8-12 hours.

2.Drain the water and keep the soaked pulse in a damp cloth.

3.Tie and keep it for a day.In 12 hours small sprouts will peep out and in 24 hours it would have be fully sprouted.

this is after 12 hours,
horsegram sprouts
this is after 24 hours,

Healthy homemade sprout is ready.

You can use it in a salad or any recipes.Wait for the recipe which I made with it.


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