Fresh Green Peas Soup | Winter Recipe

Markets are loaded with a variety of winter vegetables and these fresh green peas are one among it.When I saw it I bought it with no second thought as I was having an idea to make soup with it.When I made this soup both my children enjoyed it to the core and we almost felt filling with it.Do try this when you get chance to grab some.

Quinoa Pancake | Quinoa Flour Sweet Pancake | Breakfast Recipe

Super easy,healthy,tasty pancake with quinoa in jiffy.Pancake is somewhat similar to south Indian uttappam( thick dosa).This is an eggless pancake which is made with mix of quinoa and flour.Making this pancake is quite easy just mix all the ingredients and make the pancake.

Candid Orange Peel | DIY Candid Orange Peel

Candid orange and easy DIY which can be made at home.Instead of spending much to buy it you can make your own batch and use it in your baking product.The one important thing to be noted is one need to scrap the inner white part inside the peel if not it may taste bitter.So try to scrap it as much as you can else cook for some time them try taking the white part.

Lamington Recipe | Australian Lamington Cake | Stey by Step Pictures

Lamington  Recipe | Australian Lamington Cake | Stey by Step Pictures

Lamington is an Australian cake, which is nothing but squares of vanilla cake coated with a layer of chocolate and rolled over desiccated coconut.With a bite, one can experience bursts of flavors like vanilla, chocolate & coconut.Here I have made a simple eggless sponge cake but you can make the basic cake with egg or eggless.I used the dark compound for the chocolate coating and store-bought desiccated coconut.

Raw Banana Fry | Vazhakai Roast | Video Recipe

Raw Banana/Vazhakai is one vegetable that mostly takes the form of this roast in my kitchen.At times when lemon rice was on the menu, I sometimes pair it up with this roast which makes a perfect combo. This is not a deep fried version just with a tbsp of oil you can make this roast.

Squid / Kanavaa Masala | Squid Recipes | Video Recipe

If you are a seafood lover then I am sure you will love this spicy squid masala too.The main thing involved the cleaning of the squids, please clean it well remove all dark tint and bone inside.If you didn't clean it well it may cause stomach upset.

Choc- Dates Loaf | Eggless Choc Dates Cake

My kids refuse to eat dates so I mostly iadd it in my baking and give them.When I recently got some as a gift from my sister I was thinking was to make it and end up making this choc dates cake.Make sure you finish it in 2-3 days else the cake make get spoiled due to dates in it.As mine got bad and I have to trash it.Else keep it refrigerated for longer use.

Beetroot Dhokla | Snack Recipe

Beetroot Dhokla | Snack Recipe

Beetroot Dhokla with step by step pictures.With a variation from regular dhokla, I have added beetroot puree in it to make it an iron-rich snack.When I made the batter for dhokla it was in a pretty pink color but when I steamed it the color got vanished and it was as regular dhokla.When searched how to fix it got the idea from a site by adding beetroot juice to the tempering agent and pour over it.So if any of you are trying this dhokla be sure you add at least 1\2 cup of beetroot puree to the batter to get nice pink colored dhokla.

Spinach Chakli | Palak Murukku | Snack Recipe

Murukku /Chakli is one Indian snack which is widely prefered by all people to munch on with evening tea.Tough it it deep fried people prefer it and is mostly prepared in all house holds for any festival.Add spinach/palak to it make it healthy , right?. I have also added few mint leaves in addition to spinach for an extra flavor/aroma.

Banana Oats Muffins | Breakfast Muffins

Oats is one great ingredient rich in iron and other vital nutrients.People opting for diet go for this grain as it helps in weight management.Here this muffin I have added the powdered form of it in addition to the flour to make it healthy.Together with banana and egg, this muffin makes a perfect breakfast option.

Bread Cups | Bread Veggie Cups | Kids Recipe

Bread cups is one easy kid's friendly recipe that had to be had as breakfast or snack.Making this recipe takes very little time.With veggie chopped in and cheese grated your food is ready in five minutes.I have used vegetables for filling but willing you can make it non-veg with some pan-fried boneless chicken pieces.Also, I have used whole wheat bread here you can use white bread also.Since wheat bread is healthy I mostly opt for it.

Avocado Oats Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie

Avocado oats smoothie  is a healthy,nutrious and filling smoothie.We all know oats nutrient composition is well balanced with proteins,vitamins, minerals and less fat.It has a powerful soluble fiber called beta-glucan which reduces cholesterol and blood sugar.It is good option for weight watchers as it is filling and healthy.Iron content in it is 20% of daily requirement. Adding avocado to it makes it even more healthier and power packed to start the day.

Homemade Mayonnaise | 1 Minute Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy dressing often used in many dishes.It is one of the most familiar condiments used world wide.Make it at home just require few ingredients and very little time say just a minute.The key ingredient is egg ,oil, and lemon and other ingredients are additional.I have used my immersion blender but you can also use your mixer if you don't have an immersion blender.

Pumpkin Soup | Pumpkin Pepper Soup | Winter Recipe

Pumpkin Soup | Pumpkin Pepper Soup | Winter Recipe

Pumpkin pepper soup with step by step pictures. When it is cold outside we all feel to have something hot.Here the climate in Chennai has changed a lot from how sunny days to rainy day and cold nights.For past eight days it was a rain holiday for school and I was so happy to get up lesuirely at morning.Kids at home always want hot,hot dishes for all three times a day and I to enjoyed making different recipe and relishing it hot.

Quinoa Curd Rice | Quinoa Recipes | Lunch Box

Quinoa curd rice with step by step pictures.My main reason to buy quinoa is that its a super healthy food and after buying it from amazon I want to try as much as recipes with it.To start with I made the first post about how to cook quinoa and then this curd rice which was yummuliciuos.

How To Cook Quinoa | Step by Step Pictures

How to cook Quinoa with step by step pictures.Quinoa is one of the world's best healthy food.It is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids.It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.

Mini North Indian Thali | Vegetarian Thali Recipe | Lunch Menu Ideas

North Indain thali recipes menu.My long term wish got fulfilled yesterday, yes I made a thali meal for lunch .It comprise of one dry sabji,one gravy,rice, roti,dessert and curd.Since saturday was my daughter's birthday we had non-veg recipes for both lunch and dinner.So for a change I made full veggie platter yesterday.

Tiffin Sambar | Moong Dal Sambar | Sambar wirh Freshly Ground Masala | Side dish for Idli/Dosa

Tiffin Sambar | Moong Dal Sambar | Sambar wirh Freshly Ground Masala | Side dish for Idli/Dosa

Sambar with freshly prepared sambar powder.My mom always makes fresh small batch of sambar powder every time she makes sambar.I have never seen her buying sambar powder from the grocery shop.And the sambar she makes tastes divine and I miss them so badly as I only have memories of her as she left the world so early.For one dinner I want to try sambar as my mom do and I did it.I explained to my daughter how her granny cooks sambar with fresh masala and how tasty it would be.I feel sad that my kids have no chance to get the love and affection for thier granny.

Methi Pulao | One Pot Dish | Lunch Box Ideas

 Methi pulao with step by step pictures.Methi aka Fenugreek leaves is one green leaf variety which had bitter taste.Due to this many people avoid it but knowing its health benefits and body cooling capacity due to heat people are slowly showing interest in it.This leaves are avaliable both in fresh and dried forms.Dried form of it is called as "kasuri methi" which are widely used in north Indian recipes by adding it at end to enhance the flavor of the gravy.

Vegetable Toast | Vegetable Masala Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Vegetable Toast | Vegetable Masala Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Recipe

When its weekend or day post festivalwe all feel lazy to get up and do our daily chores.Doing breakfast becomes a tough job as we get curled up under the bedsheet and not willing to get up.In that times if you have a packet of bread in your pantry, breakfast doesn't seem a tough job.With just few minutes you can prepare this yummy and healthy dish with lots of vegetables.Use vegetables of your choice.

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Dry gulab jamun is nothing but the ordinary gulab jamun served dried without the sugar syrup.We have mostly seen this dessert served with syrup and mostly everyone prefer that liquidy jamun.In a cooking show, they telecasted this jamun recipe and I decided to make for this year Diwali cooking.On searching, I found the gulab jamun can be either roll over desiccated coconut or sugar but in television, they said to roll over sugar.So whatever you prefer to go for it.

Badam Murukku | Almond Chakli | Snack Recipe

Badam murukku with step by step pictures.

No festival is complete with snacks .Everyone prepare or buy both sweet and savory items. For this Diwali if you are looking for a twist from your regular murukku then try this badam murukku which is super tasty, crispy and addictive also. One can never stop with a single piece.

Milk Powder Gulab Jamun | Festive Sweet Recipe | Video Recipe

Milk Powder Gulab Jamun | Festive Sweet Recipe | Video Recipe

Easy gulabjamun recipe with milk powder.Gulab jamun is one easy and simple sweet which is loved by all people.This can be had as such or can paired up with ice creams.Nowadays I see many innovation of using this jamun  cake,cheese cake,triffle,pudding,etc.Gulab jamun readymix are easily avaliable in market in different name.One can also easily prepare it from starch.Here I have used milk powder to make it.

Apple Kheer | Apple Milk Pudding

Apple Kheer | Apple Milk Pudding
When you have a sudden sweet carve or guest and you are running out of ideas about what to cook this simple kheer will help you.With just a few ingredients you can make a yummilicious dessert in no time.

Beans Thoran | French Beans cooked with Spiced coconut | Onam sadya Recipe

This another simple and easy recipe that make appearance in the sadya menu.It just so simple to prepare but taste delicious when eaten up with rice.Apart from beans , cabbage, beetroot , and many other vegetables can also be prepared as thoran in the same way.If you are planning for sadya this year do include this recipe as this can be prepared in few minutes where the only time consuming job is chopping of the beans which can also be prepared in advance.

Sweet Payaru Sundal | Sweet Mung Beans Sundal

With navarathiri in line ket me finish my post in draft before it. After the salty version of this payaru sundal here some the sweet version of it.Its so easy to make just thicken the jaggery syruo and add the cooked beans.Here I have used jaggery but ordinary white sugar can also be used in it.

Lauki Halwa | Bottle Gourd Halwa | Festive Sweet Recipe | Review of Preethi Turbo Chopper

Lauki Halwa | Bottle Gourd Halwa | Festive Sweet Recipe
Recently I had an invitation to attend the Blog -Jam meet conducted by Preethi Appliances.This was was my first met I attended personal and I had to leave the meet in midway due to a personal issue.I regret that I couldn't attend it fully as I learned that the second part was related to food photography which is much needed for a food blogger.I hope no further issues like this happens in future.

Idli Milagai Powder | Gun Powder | Side dish for Idli/Dosa | Video Recipe

Idli podi/gun powder comes as a saver when we are not in a mood to make any side dish for idli/dosa.It is unbeatable with some sesame oil.My kids are adherent lovers of this podi as they don't need any other side if this podi was there.I usually make this in a big batch and they stay fresh till last.The secret of it is dry roasting of the salt.If we do so this podi/powder won't spoil and till remain fresh.Do try this way and see.


brahmi leaves /Valarai keerai

Valarai keerai / Brahmi leaves is a fan shaped herb has vast medicinal properties.It increases  memory power.Try to include this atleast once a week in diet.Apart from having it as kootu it can also be made like .Try this way.

Chicken Sandwich | Chicken- Egg Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe

chicken egg sandwich

I have posted many sandwich recipes on my blog, to add to the list here is my first non-veg sandwich with chicken and egg.Here I have used egg omelet in addition but you can avoid it if you feel its too heavy.This recipe can be made for dinner or breakfast, I made it for dinner.I just fried the marinated chicken but you can also boil the chicken, add spices and make the sandwich.

Double Chocolate Cookies | Easy Video Recipe

Simple and easy double chocolate cookies to pair with your evening tea /coffee.Here I have added an egg but if you want to avoid it then use some curd/yogurt in place of it.Do try this easy cookie at home and feed your kids.

Ragi Coconut Milk Kozhukattai | Millet Flour Balls in Sweetened Coconut Milk | Festive Recipe

Another millet flour sweet dumpling in jaggery sweetened coconut milk.When it comes to sweet I never deprive of anything and would just happily indulge in it.Yesterday I made for my sweet craving and enjoying it chilled even today.I have already posted Foxtail millet flour sweet dumpling with coconut milk and paal kozhukattai with rice flour.Do give a try and eat healthily.

Fried Modak | Festive Recipe

fried modak

As the name says this is a deep fried recipe.The filling can be anything either sweet or savory.Here I used a sweet filling with grated coconut and jaggery. I made this yesterday's after-school snacks for my kids.The whole process takes about 30 mins only.Do give a try for the festive and relish with your family.

Caramel Pudding | Caramel Custard Pudding | Flan Recipe

caramel pudding

This is one of a simple and easiest pudding recipe.The key ingredient here is egg, milk, and sweetener.Just blend everything up in a mixer and steam or bake it.I adopted this recipe from here.

Sambharam | Spiced Buttermilk of Kerala | Onam Sadya Recipe

spiced mor

Sambharam is a thirst quencher drink of Kerala which is almost similar to tamilians buttermilk..This simple drink also appear on the onam sadya menu.Since onam will be in just a month I thought to share few onam recipes.

Indian Wild Plum Ice Cream | Jamun Fruit Ice Cream

Simple and easy to  make ice cream with jamun fruit which has a sweet tarty taste.With no fancy ingredients init this dessert is so easy to make with just corn flour,milk and sweetner.

Vegetable Kara Panniyaram | Breakfast/ Dinner Recipe

When its panniyaram, I always make sweet one for snacks ( may be because of my sweet tooth).My daughter always insist me to make kara/savory.Very rare I make kara panniyaram by mixing residual idli batter with avaliable flours in my pantry.One day when I want to make a different dinner apart from roti/rice I made this panniyaram with my left over millet dough along with fresh vegetables.Here I have used the vegetable as such but if you prefer you can slightly saute them in oil and add it to the batter.

Mango chia seeds pudding | Vegan pudding | Mango recipe

mango chia seeds pudding

Mango chia seeds pudding is a vegan pudding made with coconut milk, chia seeds & mango pulp.This is my first vegan dessert and last mango recipe of the year.I mostly prefer/use milk in my dessert since my kids were fond of the coconut flavor in desserts.A packet of chia seeds was left unnoticed for a long time and want to use it soon.If you don't have this chia seeds you can also use sabja seeds which will be used in falooda.Making this dessert it so easily the only time consuming one is the time needed for the seeds to soak in coconut milk otherwise it will be
ready in few minutes.

Mango Mastani | Mango recipe

Mango Mastani | Mango recipe

Mango mastani is a delicious drink made with mango pulp,milk, ice cream and topped with dry fruits and nuts.Is is one of the famous drink in Pune, a city in India. I have not tasted it but after trying this at home it was super tasty and we gulped all at one sip. It is made with mango, ice cream, milk, and sugar(if needed). It was a treat for all mango lovers.

Bhel Puri | Indian chat Recipe

bhel puri

When it comes to chaat items there is  no doubt its the most favorite food for many people.Its not only popular in northern India, in south Indian also people love it and the roadside shop in almost all main streets stand proof for it.When it comes to making it at home I haven't made many of it, one for a while I make pav bhaji for dinner.So I decided to give try some and record it here in my space.

Bread Balls | Bread Potato Balls | Snack recipe

When it comes to after school snacks for my kids , its always a challenging work for me as the taste and preference differ for both.But if its a deep fried snack both like it.So last week when I had some left bread slices I decided to make this balls and it was totally delicious.If you have some slice and puzzled with no ideas to do with it then try this easy snack recipe and feel satisfied for not wasting it.

Indian wild Jamun Drink | Jamun Plum drink | Summer Drink

jamun drink

Summer is one season when markets will be loaded with variety of fruits to quench the thirst.This jamun plum ,called as 'naval pazham' in tamil has a sweet and sour taste with unique purple color leaving a tan on your lips after consuming it. It is loaded with health benefits and its seeds to are believed as a medicine for daibetics.I have heard people drying these seeds after consuming the flesh,powder it and eat a tsp a day.

Baby potato roast | Potato jeera roast | Side dish for rice or roti

When it comes to potatoes it is universally liked by all age groups and this baby potato too doesn't fail init.With small it size and easily absorbs the flavors of the curry it can easliy gulped  one per each intake.When ever I buy baby potato the most common dish with it would be dum aloo for roti.This time alos it was the same  and I had few leftover of the boiled potatoes.The following day for my kid lunch box I fixed this easy stir fry  to go along with lemon rice

Millet Cookies | Saamai / Little millet cookies

Millets are in use quite long back but we forgot its benefits and nutritional values.After knowing it people have changed their attitute towards it and now you can see millet related products, books, package,etc are found in almost all departmental shops.

Eggless Mango Pancakes | Easy Pancake | Breakfast Ideas | Step by Step

mango pancakes

We are already in the mid of this year and it surprises me how times flies.To start the new month I'm here with a sweet and simple pancake using mango, the king of fruits" as the star ingredient.In this mango period, I had not tried any new recipes which make me feel guilty although I got the fruit abundant and hence to console my feeling I prepared this simple breakfast today.

Oreo CheeseCake | No Bake Oreo cheesecake

oreo cheesecake

I know it had been a long time since I posted in my little space here it's not because I don't have time its my utter laziness & tiredness due to this terrific heat to sit and pen.Since I don't prefer to keep my page idle I"m here with a simple cheesecake with oreo which I made some months before.

Other cheesecake recipes in my blog are  Mango cheesecake & strawberry cheesecake.In both these cheesecakes I used paneer but here in this cake, I used cream cheese which I luckily found in a department shop.Let's see how to make this simple cheesecake.

Cold coffee | Cold coffee without ice cream

cold coffee

Cold coffee is a best-suited beverage for hot summer days.When you are in no mood to drink hot coffee/tea try this simple cold coffee and indulge in it.Here I have not used ice cream but if you prefer
Creamier or richer version then use ice cream when blending it.I tried decoration by glass with chocolate sauce but its not visible in my images.

Pumpkin Raitha | Posanikai thayir pachadi | Indian Salad

Raitha is a simple recipe which goes well with any spicy biryani, Indian flat bread or as such.I recently started following a diet plan for weight loss and init comes this which pumpkin which is made as raitha and to be had for lunch.First, i thought how can one have only this for lunch but later after consuming it I felt my tummy fill with out any other dish.Do try this simple recipe which hardly takes 5-8 minutes to make.

Broken wheat khichdi | Samba Rava Khichdi | Easy Breakfast

Scorching heat is unbearable and we feel nothing to eat or cook.Just drinking liquid food makes our tummy feel full and good.So nowadays I have reduced cooking and goes for  some easy quick fixing meal.When it comes for breakfast its only me who eat is as children get up very late and straight away eat their lunch.AS its only for me I opt for upma,khichadi, etc.