Cranberry Cream Popsicle | Cranberry juice-cream popsicle | Summer Recipes

Cranberry is one fruit which i had never seen ,yes in my part of the world its possible to see many berries or fruits so I don't know the exact shape or taste except that I see in internet that it look like small plum.To know the taste of the fruit we would buy the tetra packet juice commonly avaliable in market but only God knows the reality of the juice as they sell it as real juices.

Mochai Kara Kuzlambu | Dry Field Beans Curry | Chettinad Kara Kuzlambu

Field Beans knows as " mochai" in Tamil is available in two form dry and fresh.To say the truth I never ever had mochai in my life time.Whenever I go for vegetable shopping  I have seen the vendor selling the fresh variety of it but never dare to buy it and try once. But when I hear dialogues in Tamil films conserving about " mochai kottai kuzhmabu", I immediately get tempted and my mouth salivate.To check for the taste of it I bought a pack of this dried beans long back in November last year  but didn't try any as blogging was bit dragging from my side during that time.At last two week before i tried this curry and tasted for the first time and it was like normal kuzhambu/ gravy with the cooked beans in it.The curry it was so filling with rice and you don't need any side dish for it. I have some left over from the soaked beans and thinking of doing sundal with it.