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Cranberry is one fruit which i had never seen ,yes in my part of the world its possible to see many berries or fruits so I don't know the exact shape or taste except that I see in internet that it look like small plum.To know the taste of the fruit we would buy the tetra packet juice commonly avaliable in market but only God knows the reality of the juice as they sell it as real juices.

I love cranberry juice and most important part is that I admire the vibrant red color of the juice.Last time when I bought a tetra pack of it keep in mind to try mojito but i tried this popsicle as another pack of amul cream was lying behind to be used and the climate calls for some chilled drink.Do try this easy popsicle and relish homemade stuffs.One suggestion for more creamier version is to use some condensed milk and blend it.If you are lucky enough to get fresh crannberry then use them instesd of the juice.

Preparation time 5 mins
setting time 4-6 hours
 makes-6 popsicle


Cranberry juice- 1 cup
fresh cream-1 cup
sugar- to taste


1.To a blender / mixer add in all the ingredients and blend it well

2.Pour it into popsicle mould and set it in freezer.
3.when set keep the mould under running water and demould it.

Indulge immediately.

cranberry popsicle

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