Vegan cupcakes | Vegan choc muffins | Video Recipe

It had been so long since I shot a video as I feel lazy to fix the camera ,set up all ingredients and above all even though if  i keep all these ready some time my camera changes to photo mode  which makes me much tensed.Hence I avoided taking videos.But there are times I long to shot video and hence when i made this cupcakes for my daughter's school teachers treat I decided to take a video of it ,though it's not that perfect I'm little satisfied with my work.( I know i have to improve a lot).

Raw Jackfruit Patties | Raw jackfruit cutlet

Cutlet is one snack which my daughter prefer a lot.She is a greatest foodie and critic of my foods and its to satisfy her food carve i try many recipes and I love doing it.Last time when bought this raw fruit to try different dish I end up making this kootu/thoran.But when I bough one the next time I want to make something different and tried this cutlet.Tough I searched to get ideas I ended up making the one which fits our taste.

Muskmelon Juice | Summer Drink

Muskmelon is one fruit which we can see plenty during summer.We can see this fruit almost along all roadside shops , eat outs, juicers selling this to make sure people keep them hydrated and cool during the peak heat hours.The fruit is sweet by itself and no further addition of sweetener is needed.But if feeding for children then definitely add some sugar to enhance the taste.I  buy this and watermelon often and see that my kids are comfortable with the scorching heat.

Kambu Mavoo Puttu | Pearl Millet Flour Steamed Cake | Millet Recipe

Puttu is one breakfast I always prefer and love to have it.I usually prepare it one weekend and feel it more filling.If I have any left over I will happily indulge it for my evening snack as I love it that much and can't express in words.

Keema Pasta | Shell pasta with minced meat | Easy Dinner Recipe

Keema pasta with step by step instructions.Keema is nothing but minced meat which is readily available in the market.My daughter is an ultimate foodie who loves to taste variety of food and its for her interest in food I started trying new recipes.She was longing for this keema for a long time and I just delayed it since I'm not comfortable with it as I had never cooked or tasted it. For when my husband, who also a great cook, was on holiday during December she conveyed her wish for keema to him.You know what must have happened then, my hubby bought a pack for it the next day and prepared a delicious pasta for dinner and my part in it is just clicking.

Mochai sundal | Field Beans Sundal | Snack recipe

When I blogged about the kara kuzhambu using mochai I have mentioned about making a sundal with the leftover soaked beans and this it that recipe.Making sundal is quite easy just pressure cook the soaked beans, temper with spices and freshly grated coconut and serve hot.Not any fancy ingredients used to make sundal. But here in this sundal variety I slightly changed by adding an roasted spice powder to give a flavorful twist to the normal sundal.I googled many recipes, got some ideas from it and did this.Do try this version and I"m sure you will love it.