Kambu Mavoo Puttu | Pearl Millet Flour Steamed Cake | Millet Recipe

Puttu is one breakfast I always prefer and love to have it.I usually prepare it one weekend and feel it more filling.If I have any left over I will happily indulge it for my evening snack as I love it that much and can't express in words.
You can widely see the collection of puttuI have it here in my little space are
 oats puttu,
 rice puttu,  
red rice puttu ,
 ragi puttu  
to add one more to it here comes this kambu puttu.

 Kambu known as pearl millet in english is easily available in super markets nowadays.Here I used readymade kambu puttu flour in market.But to make the flour is not that difficult.Check millet for any dust & stones.Then powder it in a mixer.Slightly roast the powdered flour and make puttu.

Preparation time: 5 mins
cooking time under 10 mins
makes 2 big cylindrical cake


  • Kambu/ pearl millet flour- 1 & 1\2 cup
  • salt- 1\2 tsp
  • grated coconut- 1 cup
  • water- as needed

kambu puttu


1.Take kambu flour ,salt in a mixing bowl.Mix well.

2.Then slowly sprinkle water in such a way when you make balls it hold it shape then crumbles when  you press harder.This is the right consistency

3.To the puttu maker first add a layer of grated coconut then the prepared dough then coconut and so on and finally complete it with a layer of coconut.

4.Steam it for 5-8 mins.  or till steams comes out from top.When done using a ladle  press it from back .
millet flour puttu

Serve with kadalai curry or simply with banana & sugar.

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