Muskmelon Juice | Summer Drink

Muskmelon is one fruit which we can see plenty during summer.We can see this fruit almost along all roadside shops , eat outs, juicers selling this to make sure people keep them hydrated and cool during the peak heat hours.The fruit is sweet by itself and no further addition of sweetener is needed.But if feeding for children then definitely add some sugar to enhance the taste.I  buy this and watermelon often and see that my kids are comfortable with the scorching heat.
 Making this juice is not that difficult just blend with sugar and serve but to keep records of what i make hence I register it hear as they would be useful for some one later.One melon fruit can easily make two medium glass of juice .Just blend alone and don't add water.



Musk melon-1
sugar- to taste


1.Cut the fruit and scoop out the seeds and mushy part along with the seeds.

2.With a spoon scoop the flesh alone from it.Transfer it to a mixer/blender and blend to fine paste with sugar.

3.Transfer to serving glass and serve immediately.

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