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orange iced tea

Temperature is steadily rising day by day and all we feel is to have some liquid food / drink other than heavy meals.I feel a bit irritating to work in kitchen to cook lunch as its to hot.So I make mostly curd based simple lunch and spicy, elaborated meal for dinner. To quench the thirst children haunt in fridge and if they find any drinks they gulp it in one shot.So I keep something in my refrigerator for them.This orange iced tea is one such which is just perfect for the weather.I had already posted watermelon iced tea and followed the same method here.

Some other summer drink are


  • Oranges-4
  • Tea bags-2
  • sugar- to taste
  • Ice cubes
  • mint leaves
  • water 

How I made:

1.Boil water with orange zest and orange skin.After 5-6 mins switch off and add in tea bags. Let it brew for some time.

2.After 2-3 minutes of boiling switch off. cool completely. Strain and keep the tea water refrigerated till use with some fresh orange peel.

3. Extract the juice of the oranges and add it to the tea mixture. Add in sweetener.
4.Pour the mixture to the serving glass with ice cubes. Top it with mint leaves.

Serve immedaitely.Keep the remaining iced tea refriegerated.


1.Instead of normal tea powder/bags you can also use green tea.

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