Rosemilk with sabja seeds | Roohafaza with sweet basil seeds | Summer drink

Refreshing summer drink with roohafza,chilled milk and sweet basil seeds.Sabja seed is  also known as sweet basil seed  which instantly reduces the body heat.So during summer try to use this seeds in most drink .Just add little seeds in water and leave for few minutes you will see the seeds bloom well absorbing the water and become jelly-like substance.

roohafaza sweet basil drink

Roohafaza along with this bloomed seeds and chilled milk makes a good drink to treat the scorching heat. If you don't have roohafaza you can use rose milk syrup.


  • Roohafaza- 2 tbsp
  • milk- 1 cup ( boiled ,cooled & chilled)
  • Basil seeds- 1 tbsp


1.Add basil seeds in a bowl.Pour water over it and keep aside for few minutes.The seed will absorb all water and would be like jelly.

2.Add the required amount of it in a serving glass.Add roohafaza & chilled milk.( check for sweetness & add more roohafaza if needed).

3.Mix well and serve immediately.

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