Strawberry Mojito | Non Alcoholic Mojito | Summer Drink

Mojito is nothing but a carbonated drink with dominating citrus flavor.Mostly in this drink alcohol is used but since here we don't prefer alcohol I just used soda water.You can make this drink with any fruit but citrus fruit really more punching and refreshing.

I already have lemon mojito recipe which is just a mix of lemon,mint and aerated drink.Here in this strawberry mojito I just have added  fresh strawberry with lemon juice and carbonated drink with soda water.Do check my raspberry fizz, gulkand milkshake,oats buttermilk , mango iced tea for some ideas to make summer drink for this scorching heat.


  • Strawberries- 5 or 7
  • Mint leaves-few
  • lemon juice- 2 tbsp
  • sugar- to taste
  • soda water


-  Wash & hulk the berry.Cut in to halves
-  In a bowl add in berries,sugar and mine leaves.Muddle it well till the whole thing becomes a juicy   consistency.

-  Add in lemon juice.
 -  Pour aerated drink .
-  Serve immediately with ice cubes& few mint leaves.

Pls bare with my pictures as I was in hurry to shot the fizzing after adding soda water I couldn't take clear ones.

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