Oreo CheeseCake | No Bake Oreo cheesecake

oreo cheesecake

I know it had been a long time since I posted in my little space here it's not because I don't have time its my utter laziness & tiredness due to this terrific heat to sit and pen.Since I don't prefer to keep my page idle I"m here with a simple cheesecake with oreo which I made some months before.

Other cheesecake recipes in my blog are  Mango cheesecake & strawberry cheesecake.In both these cheesecakes I used paneer but here in this cake, I used cream cheese which I luckily found in a department shop.Let's see how to make this simple cheesecake.

Cold coffee | Cold coffee without ice cream

cold coffee

Cold coffee is a best-suited beverage for hot summer days.When you are in no mood to drink hot coffee/tea try this simple cold coffee and indulge in it.Here I have not used ice cream but if you prefer
Creamier or richer version then use ice cream when blending it.I tried decoration by glass with chocolate sauce but its not visible in my images.