Cold coffee | Cold coffee without ice cream

cold coffee

Cold coffee is a best-suited beverage for hot summer days.When you are in no mood to drink hot coffee/tea try this simple cold coffee and indulge in it.Here I have not used ice cream but if you prefer
Creamier or richer version then use ice cream when blending it.I tried decoration by glass with chocolate sauce but its not visible in my images.

Preparation time 5 mins


  • Chilled milk-1 cup ( previously boiled)
  • Coffee powder- 1 tbsp ( I used nescafe)
  • warm water- 2 tbsp
  • sugar- to taste
  • ice cream- a scoop ( I didnot use it here)


1.Add coffee powder in a bowl.Pour warm water in to it.Let it stand for few seconds.

2.In to a mixer add the coffee decoction , sugar and milk.Blend it well.

Pour in to serving glass and serve immediately .


1.If you whipped cream whizz up some on top and serve.

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