Bhel Puri | Indian chat Recipe

bhel puri

When it comes to chaat items there is  no doubt its the most favorite food for many people.Its not only popular in northern India, in south Indian also people love it and the roadside shop in almost all main streets stand proof for it.When it comes to making it at home I haven't made many of it, one for a while I make pav bhaji for dinner.So I decided to give try some and record it here in my space.

Bread Balls | Bread Potato Balls | Snack recipe

When it comes to after school snacks for my kids , its always a challenging work for me as the taste and preference differ for both.But if its a deep fried snack both like it.So last week when I had some left bread slices I decided to make this balls and it was totally delicious.If you have some slice and puzzled with no ideas to do with it then try this easy snack recipe and feel satisfied for not wasting it.

Indian wild Jamun Drink | Jamun Plum drink | Summer Drink

jamun drink

Summer is one season when markets will be loaded with variety of fruits to quench the thirst.This jamun plum ,called as 'naval pazham' in tamil has a sweet and sour taste with unique purple color leaving a tan on your lips after consuming it. It is loaded with health benefits and its seeds to are believed as a medicine for daibetics.I have heard people drying these seeds after consuming the flesh,powder it and eat a tsp a day.

Baby potato roast | Potato jeera roast | Side dish for rice or roti

When it comes to potatoes it is universally liked by all age groups and this baby potato too doesn't fail init.With small it size and easily absorbs the flavors of the curry it can easliy gulped  one per each intake.When ever I buy baby potato the most common dish with it would be dum aloo for roti.This time alos it was the same  and I had few leftover of the boiled potatoes.The following day for my kid lunch box I fixed this easy stir fry  to go along with lemon rice

Millet Cookies | Saamai / Little millet cookies

Millets are in use quite long back but we forgot its benefits and nutritional values.After knowing it people have changed their attitute towards it and now you can see millet related products, books, package,etc are found in almost all departmental shops.

Eggless Mango Pancakes | Easy Pancake | Breakfast Ideas | Step by Step

mango pancakes

We are already in the mid of this year and it surprises me how times flies.To start the new month I'm here with a sweet and simple pancake using mango, the king of fruits" as the star ingredient.In this mango period, I had not tried any new recipes which make me feel guilty although I got the fruit abundant and hence to console my feeling I prepared this simple breakfast today.