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lemongrass tea

Ginger-lemongrass tea with step by step pictures and video.

I mostly prefer tea/chai for the evening and my day always starts with a cup of coffee. Since my kids don't drink tea or coffee I usually make simple tea or cardamom or ginger tea else combination of both. I have a small garden on my terrace where I grow some flowering plants, a banana tree, and a few kitchen greens. You can check the pictures on my Instagram account. I bought a lemongrass plant long back and had not used it in many recipes. On googling I found it's very useful for weight reduction and decided to first try a tea with it. With the aroma of lemongrass & ginger, the tea tastes so unique and I have decided to make it often.

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ginger lemongrass tea


  • Water-1\4 cup
  • ginger -crushed, a piece
  • lemongrass- 2 strands
  • Tea powder- 2 tsp
  • milk- 1 cup
  • sugar- to taste


1.Boil water with crushed ginger & lemongrass. Add in tea powder and allow it to boil.

2.Then add in milk and wait for it to boil again.

3.Strain it through a strainer.add in sugar and forth it well.

Serve hot with some snacks.

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