Kambu idiyappam | Pearl Millet String hoppers | Breakfast / Dinner recipe

Idiyappam/ string hoppers is a food which is soft,steam cooked and is easily digested by all all age groups of people.When kids or people fall sick and in recovery stage doctor mostly refers easily digestible steamed  food like idli or idiyappam.When it is idiyappam for dinner my kids will be waiting to indulge init.Mostly I serve with plain red coconut chutney and very rarely some non-veg dish.

string hoppers

I have few idiyappam recipe in my blog like rice idiyappam, ragi/ finger millet idiyappam , wheat idiyappam , thinnai/ foxtail millet idiyappam and to add to this collection is this kambu millet idiyappam.Nowadays these millet flour are very easily avaliable in all grocery stores.Just add hot water ,mix ,press and  steam it .

Preparation time:10 mins
Cooking time 10-to 15 mins
Makes: 12 pieces


  • Kambu/pearl millet flour- 1 & 1\2 cup
  • salt-1 tsp
  • hot water.
  • Oil-1 tsp


1.Roll boil water and switch off.

2.Take millet flour and salt in a bowl.slowly add hot water and mix with a wooden spatula.Add little by little.When it stop absorbing water ,stop adding it.

3.Grease the hand with dough,cover and keep the dough as it will dry quick.
oil and make a soft
millet sttring hoppers

4.Fill the presser with dough and press it on idli plate and steam it.

string hopppers
5.When done ,remove and serve hot with the curry of your favorite.

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